Five steps to install the LED high-power flood lights

705 Published by admin Aug 21,2019

With the continuous development of LED high-power flood lights, the market has become larger and larger, to a lot of places, may face a problem, will not install, the following RUICHUAN lighting share under the LED high-power rgb flood lights installation method.


Installation LED rgb high-power floodlight said, it is very simple, but good to install, will bother, I have seen in many places, to install the LED rgb floodlight is the project-light lamp installed directly to the fixed up, and then connect the power cord, (color signal lines) in this way is right, but because of the different manufacturer production product quality is different, a lot of quality is bad, or defective floodlight, repeated this installation for several times, because is not a technical personnel, installation to install to all don't know why LED rgb flood light abnormal light (especially for the color needs to connect the controller).

Install high-power LED rgb floodlights:

First, ensure that the LED high-power flood light is good when receiving the goods. When receiving the LED high-power rgb flood light, try to check whether the external viewing of the LED rgb floodlight is damaged.

The second throwing light lamp to the site after the preparation for installation, should first in accordance with the factory attached installation drawings, the installation of personnel to organize, first connected to a few throwing light to try the correct installation drawings, if there are conditions can be arranged a person one by one under the test, to avoid the upstairs installation after there is bad, and to remove.

wall washer light

The third is to remind the installation workers of the importance of fixing and wiring, especially outdoor wiring waterproof is very important, when fixing and wiring had better review,

Fourth, after the LED high-power rgb flood light is fixed and connected to the wire, when preparing to test the light, it is better to use the multimeter to play on the main power supply, whether there is a wrong wire short circuit, etc.

The 5th is done in completely after try bright, as far as possible much bright period of time, the 2nd day, the 3rd day reexamines, after doing so, all is good, the back won't appear commonly what problem.

outdoor rgb led flood lights

In a sense, the value of illumination is to seek balance and harmony between bright and dark, let "the bright light up, let shouldn't bright dawn", so as to give a person present at night is designs city-lighting each city to conduct the rope, cities are not only for the image of the city surroundings has a strong promotion for the tourism development of the city also has an important role, no matter from which aspect of all want to follow the principle of rope, only
through good design and show it to be able to a certain extent, reflected the meaning of existence, otherwise not only can improve the effect of urban lighting,Also for the image of the city does not add. RUICHUAN lighting on the charm of the unique landscape.

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