Composition and inspection standard of LED rgb flood lights

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LED rgb flood lights and LED downlights are often confused by people, LED rgb flood lights are generally no lens, the luminous Angle is relatively large, generally 120°, LED downlights irradiation area is relatively large, but the irradiation distance is not far. LED projector is usually equipped with lens, and the Angle of the light can be determined by the Angle of the lens. The illumination area of LED is not very large, but the illumination distance is quite

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一、 components of LED rgb flood lights

1 Tempered glass + reflective cover +LED integrated light source (COB) +LED power supply + die-cast aluminum housing =LED rgb flood light

1.1 tempered glass.
Process: there are two, one is physical steel another is chemical steel.
Physical toughening is made of ordinary plate glass or float glass under specified conditions and environment through quenching or air cooling and fire processing.Chemical toughening is the common flat glass or float glass through the method of ion exchange, change the composition of the glass surface, make the glass surface form a layer of compressive stress layer processing. Good and bad discrimination: check flatness, no bubbles, inclusions, scratches, lines and fog spots and other quality defects, the existence of such defects in the glass, in use, deformation, reduce the transparency of glass, mechanical
strength and thermal stability of glass.

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1.2. Flood hood
Discrimination method: no deformation, no spinning pattern, no pinhole, bright surface, no obvious sand hole, good gloss and even plating thickness.

1.3 LED integrated light source
Good and bad discrimination: through the microscope to see whether the chip is required manufacturers (currently large chip market hot Corey, prius, wafer, etc.), chip size is required whether the chip is large.The chip has square piece, round piece, epitaxial piece, wool piece, according to the specification that LED floodlight manufacturer tells you to decide good or bad.The composition of glue, bracket and phosphor also determines the quality of LED products.

1.4 LED power supply
Good to bad: first, we need to start from the data.For example, if you buy a 200W rgb LED flood light, the power of the supplier's product is 201W or 199W, both NG.The specific items shall be measured according to the standards at the time of purchase.LED power efficiency conversion rate and power factors determine the power of the good or bad, the better the value of the higher.The insulation protection of non-isolated power supply is very important. I have heard from many customers that LED floodlights with some low-end brand products have the feeling of electric shock on the surface, and even more outrageous ones have more than 100 volts of electric leakage.

1.5 die cast aluminum shell
Distinguish between good and bad: the shell decides whether the heat dissipation of this product is good in the future and whether the light decay is within the normal range.At present, we basically do LED rgb flood light manufacturers, outsourcing kit and then assembled, never consider the problem of product heat dissipation.Some manufacturers in order to reduce the cost of aluminum is very demanding, choose some waste as.Because customers can't tell the difference between good and bad aluminum.The best way to tell is through stability tests.

二. Standard method for inspection of finished products of LED rgb flood lights.
1. Brightness check, use the illuminance meter to test whether the illuminance of the product is consistent with the data provided by the supplier.
2. Light decay inspection: check the illuminance value regularly with the illuminometer every day to see whether the illuminance is within the normal attenuation range.
3. Temperature check: use a thermometer to check the 1cm place near the integrated LED light source, test whether the temperature is within the range of 80 degrees, and then use a thermometer to test whether the surface temperature of LED rgb flood light is below 60 degrees.Remember 08 years ago to participate in the exhibition, customers always touch the product.If the temperature is not high, the product is considered good.After 2008, more and more professional customers will wear illuminometer to test the temperature near the light source.Because they know that surface stability doesn't mean that the product is good, and maybe the product is very bad, because it doesn't even get heat out.
4. Whether there are scratches and deformation on the surface of part of the appearance, and whether there are hand marks on the glass.Fingerprints can reflect whether the factory management is strict, product quality requirements are

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三. Conclusion
Products good or bad, depends on your requirements.Price is only part of the product, good product is not measured by price, but by value.

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