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Equipment & Machinery

Machinery of led light


In order to meet the needs of customers, our company has introduced a variety of production equipment: assembly lines, wave soldering, reflow soldering, wire stripping machines, pad printing machines, laser marking machines, aging stations, electric irons, electrical tools necessary tools, and Some kinds of wrenches, lathes, shelves, related tools, fixtures, variable frequency power supply, pressure machine, most of these things.


Machinery of led light


Welding automation equipment introduction


With the increase of product types and the continuous improvement of product quality requirements, the welding automation equipment requires higher welding requirements. Therefore, many of the original manual welding products have more and more requirements and requirements for welding automation equipment.
Automation equipment engineering application features:
1. Positioning of the workpiece on the work station: According to the actual situation of the demanded product, the axial and circumferential directions are all based on a pipe joint (or pipe joint).
2. The loading and unloading of the workpiece (upper and lower lines) adopts the manual mode, and the loading of the accessories is manual material processing and automatic feeding.
3. The welding is automatic welding, the welding gun performs multi-degree-of-freedom movement, and the workpiece can be rotated to achieve the weld seam at the desired position.
4. The PLC (programmable logic controller) is used to control the entire automatic production process. The touch screen is used as the man-machine interface, and the cylinder and motor cooperate to perform automatic actions.


Details of Equipment & Machinery

1.Production Machinery of led light

 Machine Name  Brand & Model No. Quantity Year(s) Used Condition
 LED die bonder machine  XinYiChang-AD860M 2 2 Acceptable
 LED wire welding machine  KS 3 5 Acceptable
 LED Dispensing Machine  WannyFast 1 5 Acceptable
 LED Sorting Machine  SUNYILG- SY-18 2 6 Acceptable
 Taping Machine  SUNYILG-SY-1903 2 6 Acceptable
 Surface Mounting Machine  FUJI CP65-CP642 5 10 Acceptable
 Reflow soldering machine  VTA- V-300C 2 5 Acceptable
 Laser marking machine  AI Lei 2 10 Acceptable

2.Testing Machinery of led light

 Machine Name  Brand & Model No. Quantity Year(s) Used Condition
 Integrating sphere  EVERFINE 1 2 Acceptable
 Two Channel Digital   Oscilloscope  TDS1012B 1 2 Acceptable
 DC Electronic Load  ITECH-IT8512B 1 3 Acceptable
 Digital Power Meter  EVERFINE-PF9901 1 4 Acceptable