On the importance of Outdoor led rgb flood lights color rendering index R9

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Outdoor led rgb flood lights is a play equipment purchased by each theme park. With the development of technology, in addition to the basic functions of lighting, flood light has gradually appeared dimming color temperature, programmable and so on. Kind of intelligent products.
Light, whether it is for lighting, or to create an atmosphere, always rely on the human eye to feel, unsuitable light, unqualified Outdoor led rgb flood lights, the lighting effect will be greatly reduced, and may even hurt people's eyes.

Outdoor led rgb flood lights

Therefore, when buying Outdoor led rgb flood lights, we have to know some common sense.

Today we talk about the color rendering index. If the color rendering index is too low, it will affect the judgment of the human eye on the color of the object. Over time, it will cause various vision problems.

outdoor lighting fixtures led rgb flood light

Before we get to know the color rendering index, let's first understand how the color of matter is produced.

We usually see the color of the material. In fact, after the sun shines on the surface of the material, part of the light is absorbed, and some of the light is reflected back. The color reflected back is the color we see. If it is absorbed, it is seen. Black; if you don't absorb it, you see white.
The color rendering index is an important method to evaluate the ability of an artificial light source to restore the color of an object. Specifically, it refers to the degree to which an object is compared with a standard light source.

The color rendering index is available in 15 colors, including:

R1: light gray red;

R2: dark grayish yellow;

R3: saturated yellow-green;

R4: medium yellow green;

R5: light blue-green;

R6: light blue;

R7: light purple blue;

R8: light reddish purple;

R9: saturated red;

R10: saturated yellow;

R11: saturated green;

R12: saturated blue;

R13: Caucasian skin color;

R14: leaves green;

R15: Yellow skin color.

Outdoor led rgb flood lights

Take the average of the color rendering index of the first 8 common colors, denoted as Ra, and the value represents the color rendering of the light source, up to 100.
Different scenes have different requirements for the color rendering index of the light source. From the point of view of protecting vision, the color rendering index of the luminaire used needs to be greater than 80.
90-100 places that require precise color contrast
80-89 needs a place where the color is correctly judged
60-79 places that require moderate color rendering
40-59 has lower requirements for color rendering and less chromatic aberration
20-39 places where there is no specific requirement for color rendering
Ra stands for only the general color rendering index. In the lighting industry, the importance of R9 is getting higher and higher. The so-called R9 is the display capability of red in the color rendering index of lamps. Simply put, the higher the lamp R9, the more vivid and brighter the effect of the fruits, flowers and other occasions.

Zhongshan Ruichuan Lighting requires that the R9 in the color rendering index of LED lamps cannot be lower than zero, but due to the production cost problem, the R9 values ​​of many LED lamps on the market are mostly negative.

In the mixed LED lighting market, there are not many products with high Ra and R9 indexes, and consumers need to have sufficient ability to judge on their own.

On the importance of Outdoor led rgb flood lights color rendering index R9

Outdoor led rgb flood lights is a play equipment purchased by each theme park. With the developme...

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