Led amusement lighting concept, function and application

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The concept of Led amusement lighting:
The point source is idealized as a point source. Point light sources are abstracted physical concepts in order to simplify the study of physical problems. Just like the smooth plane, the mass point, and the air resistance, the point light source does not exist in reality, and refers to a light source that uniformly emits light from a point to the surrounding space.

24v Led amusement lightinntg

The role of Led amusement lighting:
Led amusement lighting is a new type of bright decorative LED light. It uses built-in LED cold light source. The point light source manufacturer can issue different colors according to the needs. At the same time, it can also be built-in microcomputer chip to realize colorful gradient, jump and scan through programming control. Full color effect such as running water; it can also replace the display of certain specifications through arrays and pattern combinations of multiple point source pixels, which can change various patterns, texts and animations, and video effects; point light source is linear light source and pan A supplement to light lighting.

Led amusement lighting application:
Because the dot matrix screen composed of Led amusement lighting also has a good visual effect when viewed from a long distance, it can meet the visual needs of large-scale advertisements at a long distance; therefore, the point light source is widely used to make a large-area vertex array screen, and the building is standing outside. The surface of the wall is brightened, the outlines of houses, bridges and other buildings are outlined, the lighting, decoration of parks, rivers and squares, large-scale door signs and interior lighting projects such as hotels, hotels and KTV, as well as other types of Lighting occasions for special shaped objects, buildings, etc.

LED amusement lighting

1. Led amusement lighting is small and lightweight, and it can be used with many luminaires, which are not available in other luminaires.
2. Led amusement lighting is very environmentally friendly. The point source contains no metallic mercury and will not cause mercury contamination when it is discarded. In addition, it can be recycled even if it is discarded, so it can be environmentally friendly and save resources.
3. Led amusement lighting has good security and stability. The point source is fully DC-driven at six to twenty-four Ford voltages, making it safe and suitable for use in public places. In addition, under the same conditions, the point light source has a small light decay and can be used for a long time, and can withstand frequent switching.
4.Led amusement lighting has good shock and impact resistance. The point light source itself utilizes the principle of semiconductor light emission, and its structure is composed of an epoxy resin surrounding the lead frame. Its composition does not contain glass, and it is not necessary to pump the inside into a vacuum or to charge a specific gas. It can be seen that the point light source has good earthquake resistance and impact resistance, which brings convenience to many aspects such as production and transportation.
5. Led amusement lighting has good directivity, it can direct the light and direct the surface of the object, the utilization rate is high. In the continuous development of LED lighting related technology, the efficiency of its illumination has increased tenfold, but this is far from the upper limit.
6. That is, Led amusement lighting has a fast response time. The point source has a response time of nanoseconds.
7. Led amusement lighting has a very rich light color, which uses chemical modification and monochromatic light mixing to achieve the effects of multiple colors of visible light band luminescence and discoloration. These effects have great advantages in decoration and lighting.


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