Three advantages of Programmable led amusement light

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Programmable led amusement light as a supplement to common luminaires, through point-to-face representation, can achieve even better performance. The performance of the led point source product has a direct relationship with the size of the point distance. Generally, the smaller the point distance, the higher the pixel density can be accommodated, and the density of the pixel is inseparable from the distance viewed by the viewer. Next, let's briefly introduce the main advantages of LED point light source products.

Programmable led amusement light

1.Fast response time

Although LED products have many obvious advantages compared with traditional lighting products, the response time of their LEDs is often criticized by industry users. Due to the long-lasting luminescence response, the range of applications of LED products has been greatly reduced. However, the Programmable led amusement light product has effectively changed the response time of LED products, and the range of practical applications has become wider.

2.Wide working temperature

Conventional incandescent lamp products and LED lamp products have high requirements for working temperature. For environments with high ambient temperature changes and high temperature and low temperature, incandescent lamps and LED lamps are extremely prone to problems when they are used. Programmable led amusement light new market quotation products have a wide range of temperature adaptation to the working environment, can work in a variety of extreme working environment, is a very good outdoor advertising lighting products.

24v Programmable led amusement light

3.Sturdy structure and impact resistance

Compared with other light source luminaire products, Programmable led amusement light products also have the advantage of more sturdy structure. Since the LED point light source product itself does not require much extra auxiliary work, it only needs to be powered to rely on its own liquid crystal characteristics to emit light. This simple structure therefore results in better product stability and greater tolerance to external shocks.

Programmable led amusement light has been well-received in recent years and has become a light source product that is very popular among users in many industries. It brings beautiful nighttime lighting effects to many urban buildings. At the same time, the LED point light source also overcomes the problem of slow response time of the LED product, the tolerance to the temperature of the working environment is higher, and the simple structure of the product also brings better stability, these are the LED light source products. Has the main advantage.

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Three advantages of Programmable led amusement light

Programmable led amusement light as a supplement to common luminaires, through point-to-face repr...

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