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Published by adminNov 09,2019

Which rgb led flood light manufacturers is better in China? How much?

We all know that China is a manufacturing power.Every industry has countless manufacturers, rgb led flood light manufacturers are the same, but the market of rgb led flood light manufacturers most uneven, many customers are suffering.So, how do we know which led floodlight manufacturer in China is better? Whether a rgb led flood light manufacturer has a conscience, we can see the clue from the specific led flood light factory lamp price of this manufacturer.There is now a huge gap in the price of the same led floodlights on the market. Expensive led flood lights can be several times cheaper.Why this phenomenon, mainly some bad business led extensive in order to get orders, light manufacturers reduce production costs, through lower prices to attract customers.In the production process, cut corners, the use of poor quality chips, power supplies, and so on. A good led flood light, ruichuan lighting USES regular high quality chip and stable constant current power supply production, has...

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Published by adminNov 09,2019

Ruichuan teach you how to choose a suitable led rgb flood light

With a limited budget, it's not uncommon to choose a cheaper product.In fact, we should choose more cost-effective, appropriate products, such as: choose led rgb flood light.Today, ruichuan lighting will teach you how to choose the right led rgb flood light. 1. The need for seeking truth from facts Everything is practical and realistic, choose the right led rgb flood light is the same.The first thing that comes to mind is the lighting demand. The lighting demand cannot meet the requirements.Secondly, led rgb flood light is generally used in the outdoor, so we will consider whether the lamps and lanterns need waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof and other requirements.If it is for budget reasons, purchase cheaper led flood lights.Then, we will be ready to face the quality of lamps and lanterns, which will undoubtedly greatly increase the customer friends unnecessary time and cost. 2. Appropriate power, illumination and color temperature A lot of customer friend, to these professio...

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Published by adminOct 26,2019

outdoor rgb led flood lights main application range and choose and buy skill

outdoor rgb led flood lights on purchase, need to consider the problems are many, such as the outdoor rgb led flood lights brightness, if the products produced by different manufacturers, the price is definitely not the same, including lights, also can have the very big difference, so consumers must through the normal way to buy, had better be able to buy a few more famous brand.Additional when buying outdoor rgb led flood lights, the ability of antistatic also needs to consider likewise, because the service life of itself this kind of product is very long, so the price also can compare tall, usually word has very good effect of a use. It is also worth noting that, from the Angle of the light to determine, this kind of flood light outdoor light Angle is certainly not the same, including lighting effect is also different, so the price also will have the very big difference, he said general situation, there will be some special light Angle, so at the time of purchase, should consider ...

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Published by adminOct 15,2019

Color changing flood lights in the process of using what matters need attention?

Color changing flood light is mainly used in outdoor, the brightness of LFM is higher and it has a certain waterproof performance, but for a lot of people do not know how to use this kind of luminous lamp, I believe that you will know what to pay attention to after reading this article. Color changing flood light is in use when, look at the board that is next to lamps and lanterns to have a scale after all, do not think so the board that has a scale does not have any effect, this board is used to adjust the Angle problem of illuminate light just.If not, there is no way to change the lighting according to the needs. RGB LED lood light still should when choosing, consider the range that oneself place wants to use.The backside switch mode of lamplight USES whether simple, cannot a few switch more complex mode, open when more troublesome, wasted more time.The chromatic omni that sells on the market now has two kinds of different form, one is not symmetrical wide horn system, another ki...

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