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Published by FunfairledFeb 14,2024

How to Buy Waterproof Outdoor LED Flood Lights

Best floodlights not only provide good lighting but also save energy. Once you decide to set up any type of outdoor waterproof LED floodlight, we recommend that you consider the following: 1. Power selection Floodlights are available in wattages from 50W to 1000W; however, what wattage should I choose? If you plan to use your lights for outdoor billboards, tunnels, gardens, courtyards, driveways, bridges, culverts, plazas, stadium lighting or outdoor events, how do you find the appropriate wattage? For example, if you have a yard of 50 square meters, the required brightness is 50x100=5000 lumens. For an LED with 130 lumens per watt, the required power is 5000/130=38.5W. So 50WLED would be suitable. 2. Service life Lamps that last longer are always your best choice, as new lamps can be expensive to purchase and install, especially if you are doing a large-scale replacement. If the lights are turned on for 10 hours a day, the LED can run for 22 years. 3. Waterproof Waterproofing is a...

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Published by FunfairledFeb 06,2024

3 Best LED Amusement Light Buyer’s Guide

Amusement park facilities, architecture, sculptures, garden landscapes and other elements can use the lighting effects of LED amusement light to create unforgettable night scenes and visual effects, increasing tourists' viewing pleasure and memory. However, there are thousands of LED cabochon light products available on the market. They come in different powers, lumens, lifespan, beam angle, etc. If you don't know how to choose them, we provide you with a list of the best LED amusement light and a comprehensive buyer's guide to help you make your purchasing decision. If you have any questions or queries after reading our review, please feel free to contact us. Top 3 LED Amusement Light Why do we need led amusement light? Compared with traditional light bulbs, led amusement light play an important role in the decoration of amusement park facilities. led amusement light have diverse color and brightness adjustment functions, and can be used for lighting design and decoration accordin...

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Published by FunfairledFeb 01,2024

What are the applications of LED floodlight?

LED floodlights, sometimes referred to as LED spotlights, are lamps whose luminance on the lit surface is greater than that of the surrounding area. Floodlights are frequently employed in a variety of scenarios because of their great brightness, extended illumination range, and long illumination distance. What are the applications of LED floodlight, then? 1. Building exterior lighting: Floodlights can highlight the appearance of the building, emphasize different parts of the building, make it more eye-catching, improve the aesthetics of the building, and also help improve the corporate image of listed companies. 2. Landscape Lighting Flood Lights:Floodlights can be used for landscape lighting, such as city squares, playgrounds,parks, amusement parks, zoos, gardens, pools, fountains, exhibition halls,night scene lighting etc., to highlight important parts of the scenic landscape and enhance the artistic and aesthetic value of the environment. 3. Building interior lighting: Floodligh...

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Published by FunfairledJan 31,2024

Which is the Best Commercial Flood Lights Manufacturers

LED flood lights are a popular choice for outdoor lighting in commercial, industrial, and domestic settings. They provide bright illumination to dark areas and enhance safety and security for the inhabitants. When selecting an commercial floodlights, it is important to consider factors such as wattage, installation location, beam angle, color temperature, and integrated sensor. These factors determine the effectiveness and functionality of the lighting system. In addition to these factors, there are other considerations that can guide you towards choosing the best LED flood light. These include looking for DLC listing for commercial lights, Energy Star rating for consumer-use lights, and safety certifications such as CE mark for use in Europe and UL rating. Which is the best commercial floodlights manufacturers?At Aglare Lighting, we are dedicated to providing high-quality LED floodlights for engineering lighting. Our LED Flood Light Beam Angle Adjustable Portable Module is designe...

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