LED lighting manufacturers introduce the three main points of installing led lights

442 Published by admin May 16,2019

In the use of luminaire products, whether the product is easy to use is not only related to quality, but also has a very close relationship with the installation. LED lighting manufacturers emphasize that especially for LED products, it is necessary to pay attention to this and the quality is fine. The higher the requirements of the product in these aspects. Therefore, when installing LED lamps, pay attention to the following three points.

LED lighting manufacturers

1. Confirm the appropriate model and regular product before installation.
Before the installation of the LED lights, LED lighting manufacturers reminded that it is necessary to confirm that the products meet the requirements of the specification. For example, its model, specifications and other aspects must meet the national standards to ensure that future use will not cause problems. And LED lighting manufacturers also emphasize the use of other accessories when installing, so these accessories must be complete and can not be missing or the quality of the accessories can not have any problems and there is no deformation, paint peeling or damage Wait, you must ensure that the quality has passed the acceptance test.

2. To determine the installation height of the product
If the height of the LED luminaire is within 2.4 meters and it is in a relatively large and special dangerous place, LED lighting manufacturers emphasize that it is necessary to use lamps below 36 volts to ensure sufficient safety and LED lighting manufacturers to remind around when installing. There is no flammable material. If the surface of the luminaire is hot and close to combustibles, then some heat and heat dissipation measures should be taken to avoid a safety accident. LED lighting manufacturers emphasize that when installing the luminaires outdoors, the height must be more than three meters. If installed on the wall, the height should also meet the standard.

3. Take the correct installation method
If the LED light is installed in the masonry structure, the LED lighting manufacturers should remind that the accessories should be pre-embedded, but the wooden wedges cannot be used because the fixing effect is not good and the wood is easy to catch fire. At the same time, the professional LED lighting manufacturers emphasize that it is necessary to ensure sufficient firmness and the fittings should be able to bear enough weight to carry the weight of the lamps. At the same time, attention should be paid to different fixing measures for different weights of lamps, so it should be flexible to apply the installation skills. To protect everything.

The above are the three main points of installing LED lights introduced by LED lighting manufacturers. In addition, it should be noted that if the LED lights or the evacuation lights installed in public places must have very obvious signs, people can recognize them. And good quality LED lighting manufacturers also recommend installing automatic energy-saving switches in public areas that no one is looking after, and should also be treated according to the imported places.

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