Our popular item funfair led light!

374 Published by admin Jan 04,2019

Our factory found on 2005 years.Our main products are amusement led bulbs(especially funfair led light) and LED floodlights.With more than 13 years experiences,we accumulate many customer’s recognition and support to help us stronger.

Hereby,we would like to suggest our popular item programmable rgb funfair led light(YJLED-0006B-SB10RGB-C)for new & old customers.

FABG of  funfair led light.

F: Anti-UV. Glue waterproof in the back and in the front.

A: Ip65, waterproof plug, two options for cover: flat caps and turbo caps.

B:customers could program any effects according their ideas.

G: Do you use these lights for your own amusement park or resell?

funfair led light rgb funfair led light

Work with controller,you can make any program as you want.

High waterproof,good quality,reasonable price & quick leadtime can bring you more.

What do you think about our programmable rgb led pixel?Do you like it?

Warmly welcome to contact us on [email protected] or whatsapp/Wechat:008613923740489.

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