4 advantages of led pixel lights

492 Published by admin May 20,2019

The working principle of led pixel lights is to mix colors with thousands of pixels, and use the visual characteristics of the human eye to achieve the display of various graphics and color smart lamps by point and surface, through the difference of density, distance and size of the light source points. The design allows a variety of screen lights, walls, and advertising wall lights to display a very diverse pattern to achieve better decoration. With the use of led pixel lights products continue to be popular, the quality of the low price led pixel lights specifically what is the advantage to get consumer recognition?

led pixel lights

1. Good results
One of the advantages of using led pixel lights is that it can realize the synchronization change of any multiple controls, which can make the large screen appear a variety of rich effects, such as synchronous colorful, full-flow and jump effects, or both. Realizing multiple point light sources becomes a dot matrix screen, which changes the effect of various text pictures and animations. The effect of led pixel lights has attracted more attention from passers-by, and it has achieved the effect of publicity and awareness.

2. Strong function
Led pixel lights can be connected to a computer computer system to continue to transmit various information content in real time, such as timely and effective replacement of related advertising video and audio content. At the same time, the pixels of the led pixel lights screen can be adjusted, and the display precision is appropriately adapted to the distance of the viewer, and the viewing effect of the large advertisement can be satisfied whether it is near or far.

3. Good environmental protection
Led pixel lights are a kind of efficient light source. They do not need to be filled with mercury, which can effectively reduce energy consumption and reduce pollution gas emissions to the atmosphere. If LED pixel lights are combined with solar cells, it will become environmentally friendly light energy. Led pixel lights production and use of the pursuit of production design goals, its lamp body material is recycled aluminum material, and the lampshade is also environmentally friendly material using polyester lens and rubber seal ring lamp.

4.the application of diversity
Led pixel lights can not only be used in dot matrix display, but also can be used for outlines of houses and bridge lights in urban lighting projects, indoor lighting decoration of hotels, KTV lights entertainment venues, visible led pixel lights have very large Application prospects and market space.
It can be seen that the high reputation of the brand and the good reputation of the led pixel lights products are mainly characterized by its rich color effects, strong functional use, environmentally friendly materials and suitable for many different occasions. Of course, the use of led pixel lights can achieve such a use effect, its own quality is the basis, so everyone can understand the led pixel lights more accurately after using the high-pitched led pixel lights advantage point.

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