Which rgb led flood light manufacturers is better in China? How much?

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We all know that China is a manufacturing power.Every industry has countless manufacturers, rgb led flood light manufacturers are the same, but the market of rgb led flood light manufacturers most uneven, many customers are suffering.So, how do we know which led floodlight manufacturer in China is better?

Whether a rgb led flood light manufacturer has a conscience, we can see the clue from the specific led flood light factory lamp price of this manufacturer.There is now a huge gap in the price of the same led floodlights on the market. Expensive led flood lights can be several times cheaper.Why this phenomenon, mainly some bad business led extensive in order to get orders, light manufacturers reduce production costs, through lower prices to attract customers.In the production process, cut corners, the use of poor quality chips, power supplies, and so on.

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A good led flood light, ruichuan lighting USES regular high quality chip and stable constant current power supply production, has an excellent cooling system, the best light utilization rate, longer service life.And manufacturer of a few led flood lights passes all sorts of "cut corners" the led flood lights that means produces comes out, it is to be less than this kind of effect, can appear instead all sorts of quality problem, it is gain more than loss.
Led floodlight manufacturer has a lot of, led floodlight which good?Of course, it is the choice of a long time to establish a good reputation led floodlight manufacturers, such manufacturers, production experience, strict control of product quality, pay attention to the growth of the brand.

Ruichuan lighting led flood light price is how much a set? This is a lot of led flood light customer friend are very concerned about the problem, part of the customer inquiry the first question is: led flood light price how much?After the quotation of ruichuan, the first feeling is that it is expensive, more expensive than the price of led floodlight asked by other companies.In fact, there is a reason for all this.Led floodlight on the market is very much, led flood light price is also multifarious, uneven, for example, 100w led flood light less than 100, more than 1000. Why is the price of the same configuration so different? This is because some manufacturers on the market shoddy, cheating customers.How do these factories pass for quality?

First of all, we need to know the important components of led flood light price: led chip, led power, heat dissipation shell.

1. Led chip: we all know that the quality of domestic led chips is uneven. In order to reduce costs, many manufacturers adopt irregular led chips produced by workshops.No problem in the beginning, long time, various the problem is easy to expose, and the service life is greatly reduced.Shang you lighting led flood light is the normal use of led chip, the normal led chip has sufficient illumination lumen, and the chip itself heat dissipation efficiency is excellent, packaging technology is higher, can make the chip in a vacuum environment to maintain long-term work, slow down the aging rate.

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2. Led power: the low price of led flood lights by some manufacturers is due to the poor quality of led power, which is easy to lead to unstable chip luminescence, fast light decay, the worst power is easy to make led flood lights in a very short period of time to significantly reduce the light intensity.
Heat dissipation shell: we all know the importance of a good heat dissipation shell.Good heat dissipation shell, can timely heat for led chip, avoid led chip long time heat leading to aging. Manufacturers in order to save cost of led flood light, then on it, such as size of lamps and lanterns made in the appearance of high-end products, a dramatic thinning in heat dissipation on the thickness of the shell, or directly cut off the length of led flood light back-end
radiator, in order to achieve the purpose of saving material, so can reduce the cost, this led flood light used gears may be no problem, but in the long run, easy because of the dust, the aging results in the decrease of thermal efficiency greatly, such as rapid aging, burned led chip.

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Finally, led flood lights are made up of a lot of small parts, each of which cuts corners and adds up to a big drop in the price of their led flood lights.Thus a cheap led floodlight was produced. The so-called: the low price of led floodlights, the quality of all kinds of defects, they can not do business at a loss.No manufacturer in the premise of ensuring quality, the price can be so low.Ruichuan lighting is not the same, the use of normal chip and domestic well-known brand power supply, if we like them, how dare to make such a guarantee?

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