What kind of lights are used in football stadiums?

53 Published by Funfairled Jun 28,2024

Anyone who loves football knows that the football field area is relatively large, and its sports can be divided into 11-a-side football, 7-a-side football, 5-a-side football and 3-a-side football. Among them, the 11-a-side football field can be divided into two specifications: one is a football field that is not used for international events, with a length of 90 meters to 120 meters and a width of 45 meters to 90 meters; the other is used for football matches. The length of football fields for international competitions is 100 meters to 110 meters, and the width is 64 meters to 75 meters.

The specifications of the 7-a-side football field are: the length is 45 meters to 75 meters, and the width is 28 meters to 56 meters.

The specifications of the 5-a-side football field are: the length is 25 meters to 42 meters, and the width is 15 meters to 25 meters. The dimensions of the international competition venue are: 38-42 meters in length and 18-22 meters in width.

The specifications of the 3-a-side football field are: 24 meters - 28 meters, width: 14 meters - 16 meters. Of course, there are actually no relevant regulations on three-person football fields. The formation of three-person football fields is based on the actual youth training situation.

Installing lights on such a large sports field requires relatively high conditions such as the power and projection distance of LED floodlights. Depending on the specifications of the football field, 400W-800W LED floodlights are generally used. LED floodlights are used because LED floodlights can convert 90% of electrical energy into light energy, while ordinary light bulbs only convert 20% of light energy. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, LED technology has been greatly improved, and the related costs have also dropped significantly, and various venues have begun to use it on a large scale.

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