Industrial led flood light is the best lighting tool for tunnel

4,852 Published by Funfairled Oct 15,2019

Industrial led flood light is mainly used in the tunnel, because the lighting design of the tunnel needs to consider a lot of factors, such as length, type of road surface, whether there is pavement, connecting road, etc., at the same time should also pay attention to the arrangement of lamps and lanterns, lighting level, the brightness outside the hole, the ability of the human eye to adapt to and light source.Let's talk about why industrial led flood lights are called the best lighting tools for tunnels.

In the dark tunnel, high efficiency light source and lamps should be used to increase the reflection ability of light.Compared with ordinary lamps, the industrial led flood light has high stability and energy saving, which can better help drivers to see the road ahead.

If you enter the tunnel in the daytime, the brightness difference between inside and outside the tunnel is very large. If you enter a bright environment and suddenly enter a black hole, your eyes will have a certain reaction time. After entering the tunnel, you can see the environment around the tunnel for a period of time.Choose to use industrial led flood light can shorten as far as possible, the time that people changes to environmental brightness, after a bit of sleep, can clearly see the surrounding environment, ensured the safety of oneself.

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If it is a relatively long tunnel journey, the driver has already adapted to the dark tunnel environment when entering, and the brightness outside is very bright when exiting the tunnel. At this time, the driver will also have a sense of vertigo, unable to see the specific limit of the road ahead, and not knowing the existence of obstacles on the road.If there are obstacles on the road at this time, it will cause serious traffic accidents.Choose to use industrial led
flood light to be able to avoid the existence of this kind of phenomenon.

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