Check out the top ten LED black technology in 2018(2)

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4. Can directly install color LED technology
Nichia has introduced the Discrete Color option for its direct-mount chip family, a technology similar to the industry's chip-scale package (CSP).
In addition to the previously released white option, Nichia's directly mountable chips now include royal blue, green, amber and red. Nichia said that this innovative color solution uses Nichia's unique blue die and phosphor technology. Each color chip in the new color lineup initially has the same blue die. The blue light is then converted to the desired color by adding a special phosphor mixture.

LED black technology
According to Nichia, this design provides the same advantages for fixture manufacturers and designers by using the same wavelength chip for each color and then converting the wavelength to the desired color using a unique phosphor mixture. Using the same wavelength chip in each color, the forward voltage of the entire directly mounted chip family can be coordinated. The same forward voltage simplifies the circuit design. In addition, unlike other discrete color techniques, the internal structure of each directly mounted chip color is the same. Therefore, the directivity (beam angle) and focal length of the light are also the same, making the optical design more intuitive. Finally, the red-on-chip is mounted by phosphor conversion, and the thermal attenuation characteristics are greatly improved compared to the conventional red AlInGaP LED. The result of this performance improvement is that the in-situ performance is greatly improved and the overall color and stability are also improved.
Nichia said that its direct-mount chip series is the first lighting CSP-type LED with unique technology that can achieve a single-sided 120° Lambertian light pattern, eliminating the crosstalk caused by lumens intensive applications. With the new color options, the expanded direct mount chip portfolio provides great flexibility for all lighting applications, including architectural lighting, color adjustment, and other commercial and residential applications.
The chip size for each color is 1.7 mm * 1.7 mm * 0.35 mm. All colors have a beam angle of 120 degrees, except that the royal blue model with a phosphor layer added and having a beam angle of 130 degrees is used.

5. LED light mask can detect air pollution

In order to raise people's attention to air pollution problems, a bicycle rider Greg McNevin designed an LED mask to detect the degree of air pollution.

It is reported that this LED light-emitting mask is equipped with a sensor, operates with the AirBeam air monitoring system, and is connected to the AirCasting website via Bluetooth, which can change the color according to air pollution in real time.

LED black technology
When the PM 2.5 value is between 0 and 12, the air quality is good, it shows green; when the PM 2.5 rises to 12.5 to 35.4, it turns yellow; when the PM2.5 is between 35.5 and 55.4, the mask color will It is orange; PM2.5 over 55.42 is shown in red to remind users that the current air quality is very unhealthy for everyone.

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