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Published by adminOct 10,2019

100w waterproof flood light is energy-saving and environment-protect——RUICHUAN

The kind specification of flood light has a lot of, when some friends are buying flood light, agree to use a demand to be able to buy the flood light of part of high power possibly, For example, 100w waterproof rgb led flood light.  Therefore, some friends may be worried, if long-term use 100 watt flood light, will the power consumption be too large, the expense of electricity charges will increase? Such as similar, actually, everybody need not worry greatly, as 100 watt flood light is a kind of environmental protection actually energy-saving lamps and lanterns product. Make craft on market better, the 100 watt flood light with higher quality, most accord with the index of energy-saving environmental protection.Compared with traditional incandescent lamp, flood light is better in energy saving efficiency display, energy saving efficiency is better, and in lighting effect, the flood light product of low wattage is equal to incandescent lamp product of high wattage. At the moment, en...

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Published by adminSep 26,2019

Ruichuan outdoor LED flood light without stroboscopic, soft light source

The concept of LED is not new, but there are few people who can really understand LED, especially LED flood lights used in integrated ceiling.However, qisi took the lead in the integrated ceiling industry to develop and produce outdoor  LED floodlight series, and the outdoor LED flood light technology has been upgraded, greatly meeting the needs of the public consumer and the pursuit of healthy life. Common fluorescent lamp has the phenomenon of stroboscopic, looked much can cause stimulative effect to the eye, also affected the body health of people thereby;At present, the outdoor LED flood light widely used in the market, although it is very bright, but there are many defects such as uneven light distribution. Due to the wide variety of LED lamps available in the market, consumers sometimes do not know which one to buy and have no idea about the lighting intensity, etc., which has also become a topic of great concern. The outdoor LED flood light mentioned on the market is mostly ...

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Published by adminSep 26,2019

LED flood light, LED mining light, LED projection light more energy saving

China is a big producer and consumer of lighting products, accounting for about 13% of the total electricity consumption.With the progress of the society, people's awareness of energy saving is also getting higher and higher. LED energy-saving lamps are favored by the majority of consumers, including LED flood light, LED mining light, projection light, LED factory light and many other types. Compared with traditional lighting fixtures, they all have obvious advantages such as high safety factor, low calorific value, low power consumption, long life, good color display, quick response, no flash frequency, no eye damage, thin and short products.If the 1.4 billion incandescent lamps in use in China are all replaced with LED projection lamps, LED flood lights, LED mining lamps, LED factory lights and so on, 48 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity can be saved every year. Some experts said: as a strategic emerging industry competing to develop globally, LED has become a new engine to ...

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Published by adminSep 25,2019

Where are rgb flood lights used? Learn more

The lamps and lanterns that applies to each domain now is various, rgb flood light is a kind in numerous lamps and lanterns type namely.What about rgb flood lights? Not a few first contact rgb flood light friend unavoidable do not understand, today small make up will give everybody introduction rgb flood light USES in what place and the relevant knowledge of a few other rgb flood lights. Before we introduce where rgb flood lights are used, let's first understand what rgb flood lights are.rgb flood light is a kind of point illuminant actually, its can illuminate equably to all directions, its illuminate limits can adjust arbitrarily, basically be used at illuminative whole scene.The beam produced by omni is highly diffuse, with no aspect and no clear outline. Where are rgb flood lights used - specifically remote control outdoor flood lights are mainly used in ports, docks, tunnels, stadiums, architectural decorations, outdoor lighting, billboards and other places. Additional,rgb flo...

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