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Published by adminOct 15,2019

Industrial led flood light is the best lighting tool for tunnel

Industrial led flood light is mainly used in the tunnel, because the lighting design of the tunnel needs to consider a lot of factors, such as length, type of road surface, whether there is pavement, connecting road, etc., at the same time should also pay attention to the arrangement of lamps and lanterns, lighting level, the brightness outside the hole, the ability of the human eye to adapt to and light source.Let's talk about why industrial led flood lights are called the best lighting tools for tunnels. In the dark tunnel, high efficiency light source and lamps should be used to increase the reflection ability of light.Compared with ordinary lamps, the industrial led flood light has high stability and energy saving, which can better help drivers to see the road ahead. If you enter the tunnel in the daytime, the brightness difference between inside and outside the tunnel is very large. If you enter a bright environment and suddenly enter a black hole, your eyes will have a certain...

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Published by adminOct 15,2019

How to choose better waterproof flood light?

As time progress, human life is getting better and better, basic it is hard to imagine before, now we can look at performance, sitting together in a hall class or participate in some stage shows, and even sitting at home now will be able to see the performance and so on, and these make us glad show all cannot leave the waterproof floodlight.Believe a lot of friends to be in however when buying rgb led flood lights more worry, because general lay person sees essence very hard, figure out flood light should be how to choose. So the following small make up for you to introduce how to choose waterproof flood light in detail. First in the selection of waterproof flood light, one of the most important factor is waterproof, because at the time of recording program is likely to encounter a rainy day, also is likely to be the program need and sprinkler, in order to avoid the damage of the flood light, waterproof nature is very important, but at the time of choosing, don't say is really wate...

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Published by adminOct 11,2019

How to choose a led flood light manufacturer?

The choice of flood light is very pay attention to quality, as usually in the face of large-scale activities to prepare equipment, especially a lot of times we need to be targeted measures lighting or light up during the night when will choose to use LED flood light, so for the quality and to meet the requirements of lighting effect will be clear, especially similar to outdoors or are in the process of the exhibition but also should guarantee the overall effect, and quality assurance requirements of led flood light manufacturer should have proved that in terms of quality,Passed ISO9001 in domestic natural is the most reliable quality certification marks, but for the lamps and lanterns industry in addition to consider the product itself quality, for the whole lighting effect is also need to test, if the activity is not in conformity with the requirements and difficult application, from this we can see the difference of industry made the request is relatively strict. In terms of le...

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Published by adminOct 10,2019

High power flood light – one of the most widely used lighting fixtures

Nowadays, the application range of high power flood light is very wide.The shadow of high power flood light can be easily found in many daily life occasions and commercial scenes.This kind of lamps and lanterns, became the indispensable lighting prop in People's Daily life, also bring better use result for illumination of a lot of different occasions. To this kind of product of high power flood light, likelihood up to now, still have a few consumer not very understanding, can throw this kind of product and shoot the lamp even, spot lamp is confused, actually both are having essential distinction, because flood light no matter from design or functional utility above, have different show. Above all we can understand the definition of high power flood light first, simple understanding, this is a kind of lamps and lanterns that can undertake large range illume, and illume Angle can adjust at will.In a wide range of lighting scenes, the high power flood lights can achieve uniform distri...

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