Do you know the advantages of using rgb led flood lights?

408 Published by admin Aug 16,2019

At night, the city's landscape brightens and becomes a beautiful landscape,  adding a unique charm to the city. These brightenings are achieved by rgb led flood lights,  so where does it apply and what advantages does it have over ordinary lighting?

First, rgb led flood lights are rarely used for indoor lighting.  Basically used for outdoor buildings, gardens, scenic spots, sculptures and other carriers. The purpose is to make a certain area brighter than the surrounding environment,  make the bright objects more prominent in the night environment,  enhance the bright area to become the visual center,  and gather the nighttime popularity.

remote controlled outdoor flood light

Another prominent advantage of rgb led flood lights is that they compare with ordinary lighting.  The purpose of general lighting is to ensure normal visual brightness at night.  rgb led flood lights are to consider human and environmental factors on the basis of lighting,  to create a more energy saving,  environmental protection,  comfortable,  beautiful,  people-oriented lighting environment.

Precautions for rgb led flood lights construction:

Early stage choose rgb led flood lights company should pay attention to: carry out rgb led flood lights company in place in time in the early stage of the project,  as rgb led flood lights illuminative later period involves the work of the part such as electrification,  curtain wall, ground, will have a certain influence. In the early stage of rgb led flood lights design,  we must fully understand the structure and characteristics of the building,  try to hide the lamp,  avoid the lamp exposure of the impact on the structure of the building. The design of rgb led flood lights should avoid too flowery,  achieve expected effect.

Ancient rgb led flood light

During the construction of rgb led flood lights,  attention should be paid to check whether the indicated voltage on the lamp of the rgb led flood light product is consistent with the input voltage of the coming link before installation,  so as not to damage the LED lamp. Before installation, the installation position shall be able to bear 10 times the weight of the product, and the installation position shall be flat without vibration,  shaking and fire hazard. If the external cable of the lamp is damaged,  it should be replaced by the rgb led flood lights manufacturer or relevant qualified personnel to avoid danger.

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