What are the product features and usage scenarios of RGB LED flood lights?

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RGB LED flood light product features:

1. Single 10-80w high-power LED with brightness of 70-80lm /W, low light decay, high brightness and good heat conduction is selected from wafer and pratt chip integrated package.
2. Aluminum alloy die-casting shell baking paint treatment, tempered transparent glass, LED directly connected with the lamp to achieve excellent heat dissipation purpose, lamp body waterproof grade IP65, anticorrosive, dustproof, waterproof, seismic.
3. Professional optical light distribution planning aluminum reflective cup, high light output power, high light utilization rate.Launch within three seconds to reach normal brightness, color index high, red, green, blue, yellow, white and other colors.Components: high thermal conductivity and anticorrosive aluminum heat dissipation shell, aluminum reflective cup, device frame;Transparent glass mask;Integrated high power LED light source with wafer and prui chip;Wide voltage constant current source.
Product use: RGB led flood lights can provide lighting for factories, gymnasiums, docks, billboards, buildings, gardens, tunnels and other lighting places for outdoor decoration.

remote controlled outdoor flood light

In current LED illume technology level, because input the 80% of electric energy to transform for quantity of heat, consequently chip comes loose heat quantity of heat is very crucial.LED heat dissipation data is the first internal thermal resistance and interface thermal resistance.
The primary effect of heat dissipation base is to absorb the heat generated by the chip and conduct it to the thermal resistance to complete the heat exchange with the outside world.And cut interface and interface touch thermal resistance, enhance heat dissipation is also the key, and thus chip and heat dissipation base thermal interface data selection is very important, currently choose low temperature or eutectic solder paste or silver glue.
At the present stage, white LED is mainly completed by three methods:

1. Blue LED chip and phosphor powder are selected to obtain white light by complementing blue light and yellow light, or red and green phosphor powder is cooperated with blue LED chip, and white light is obtained by mixing blue light announced by chip, red light announced by phosphor powder and green light;
2, using ultraviolet LED chip announced near ultraviolet excited tri-color phosphors to get white light.
3. Red, green and blue leds are selected to emit light, i.e. multi-chip white LED;
Currently using floodlights is the second approach, which USES blue LED chips and phosphors to complement each other to produce white light.Thus, the lumen power of the LED is determined by the initial flux and retention rate of the blue chip.

100w rgb led flood light led flood light 100w 200w rgb led flood light

In the use of RGB LED flood lights, the photons caused by radiation recombination are simply lost when they are emitted outwardly. The loss mainly has three aspects:

1. The internal structure defects of the chip and the absorption of data. The reflection loss caused by the refractive index difference of photons at the outgoing interface;
2. Total reflection loss caused by the incidence Angle greater than the critical Angle of total reflection;
3. After covering a layer of transparent rubber with a relatively high refractive index on the surface of the chip, the loss of photons at the interface can be effectively reduced to improve the light extraction rate.
Therefore, it is required to have high light transmittance, high refractive index, good thermal stability, good liquidity, easy to spray, and for the improvement of LED packaging reliability, it is required to have low moisture absorption, low stress resistance to aging and other characteristics.And the blue ray that general white light LED still needs chip place to send arouses $phosphor powder composition to give off light, still need to attend phosphor to undertake mix color to match inside encapsulating glue, consequently the excitation power of phosphor and transform power are the key of high luminous efficiency.

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