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Published by FunfairledMar 22,2024

LED Color Outdoor Flood Lights for Theme Parks

LED colored flood lights can illuminate large areas such as parks,fairgrounds, landscapes, etc. Give the entire place a unique light and shadow effect and enhance the visual beauty. Moreover, outdoor LED Colored Flood Lights have the advantages of low cost, long life, easy installation and maintenance, etc., and are widely welcomed by fairgrounds.The Best colored flood lights to Keep Your Amusement park How to choose the best led color outdoor flood lights 1. High-quality LED chips: Choose products that use well-known brand LED chips to ensure that the lamps have high brightness, low light attenuation, good color saturation, and long life. 2. Color-changing function: Ensure that the lamp has RGB full-color color-changing function, which can realize color switching and dimming through remote control or intelligent control system, and supports multiple color modes and dynamic effects. 3. Waterproof level: As an outdoor lamp, it should have a high waterproof level, such as IP65 or abo...

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Published by FunfairledMar 14,2024

200W-400W Best Outdoor LED Floodlights

LED floodlights are one of the commonly used lighting tools in outdoor stadiums, billboards, tunnels, bridges, culverts, squares, and sports fields. But how do you know which type of LED floodlight is right for your needs? Today, LED floodlights have more bells and whistles to choose from than ever before: rainbow colors, special effects, power options, and even strobe functionality. With so many features on the market, choosing a panel can quickly become a challenge. But don't worry, I'm here to help. Who Makes the Best LED flood lights?At Aglare Lighting, we are a professional manufacturer, factory and supplier of outdoor LED floodlights. If you are looking for a floodlight that is extremely bright, then the Aglare LED Floodlight will be perfect for you. Whether your needs are optimal security, maximum visibility, remote operation via remote control, or just good lighting on a budget, we've produced some of the best LED floodlights available. Below is a list of the top floodlight...

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Published by FunfairledMar 06,2024

What are the different types of LED flood lights?

LED floodlights are a type of lamp that we have seen more frequently on the market and are used in large-area lighting places, outdoor or indoor. Conventional LED floodlights are waterproof and dustproof, and the protection level can generally reach IP65, can be widely used in various outdoor lighting places. The main features of LED floodlights are large lighting angle (above 100°), wide power range (3W-1000W), wide lighting range, uniform illumination, etc. LED floodlights The main uses are large-area lighting and decorative lighting. Large-area lighting places include sports lighting, architectural lighting, square lighting, building lighting, sculpture lighting, advertising sign lighting, etc. Decorative lighting includes garden tree lighting, Landscape lighting, stage lighting\courtyard lighting and other characteristic decorative lighting; What are the different types of LED flood lights? 1. COB integrated LED floodlight The main difference of this type of LED floodlight is t...

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Published by FunfairledFeb 29,2024

How to distinguish high-quality LED floodlights

LED floodlights can be seen everywhere in our lives. Their varying prices and numerous quality exposures make consumers who want to pursue quality hesitate. So how to distinguish high-quality LED floodlights? Nowadays, LED product technology is very mature, which makes it difficult for consumers to tell which floodlight quality is good or bad in a short period of time. Xinqisheng here recommends using professional testing equipment to test the lamps or having the floodlight manufacturer provide the lamp parameters for testing. 1. Test the luminous flux and color rendering index of the lamp: Combined with the power comparison of the floodlight to detect the luminous flux and color rendering index of the lamp, the performance of the light source and optical lens of the lamp can be seen, and then whether it meets the usage requirements. 2. Test the temperature of the lamp: measure the shell temperature of the lamp and the temperature of the light source when power is on for a long tim...

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