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In recent years, the installation of a large number of landscape lights in the city, to a certain extent, improve the overall image of the city, but also caused a huge waste of resources.Some counties, towns and villages have also started night landscape projects, many places of landscape lighting even overnight open.Landscape lights consume a lot of electricity and open for a long time. Too many light sources cause serious light pollution, which also causes new environmental pollution and intensifies energy consumption.Led flood light manufacturer to this proposal: governmental orgnaization should take the lead to advocate healthy life idea, increase propaganda the harm of light pollution.Under the premise of ensuring basic lighting and not affecting the normal life of the masses, the external landscape lighting of public buildings is reduced and the opening time of municipal landscape lights is shortened.Landscape lighting is charged at a rate higher than that of lighting, and the price adjustment mechanism is used to urge landscape lighting owners to arrange lighting time reasonably and eliminate waste of resources.Professional led flood light source all gather in a direction of the working surface or evenly scattered in all directions, are not conducive to shaping the three-dimensional sense of the object.The position of light source should be adjusted according to the volume, shape and material of the object being illuminated, and the image of the object should be reconstructed.

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Bridges, which connect rivers, oceans and ridges, play an important role in transportation.With the development of local economy, Bridges have become part of the local landscape.Lighting, as an important part of bridge construction, in addition to meeting the basic requirements of functionality, how to create a lighting with local aesthetics is also the key to the significance of the existence of a bridge.Different from ordinary buildings, bridge lighting must meet both functional lighting and artistic aesthetic requirements.Professional function of led flood light lighting requirements of bridge horizontal illuminance, vertical illuminance, evenness, anti glare, security and other technical indicators in lighting design must be considered in turn, in addition, the landscape lighting also cannot be ignored, how to do both as the test city bright project design level and the innovation of the design or not. Led flood light manufacturers bridge lighting process is in the bridge has been completed after the construction of the construction of additional lights, lighting project is mainly to highlight the shape of the bridge, to beautify the city at night.

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The city at night under the colorful lights decoration, can show a completely different scenery, even more beautiful than the day.The beautiful night and the beautiful lighting of the buildings often make visitors linger and revel in themselves.colored led flood light generally has strong emotional characteristics, which can greatly enhance certain emotions.Therefore, the use of professional floodlight color light is not only based on the building function, use requirements and surface materials, but also consider the building style, historical background and environmental factors.In general, for a memorial buildings, government agencies, state representative and style features obvious large buildings, etc., should be careful to use colored light in the night scene lighting, mainly use such as white metal halide lamp and so on, if necessary can be used in local small amounts of light color, highlight the building's overall image and charm.Liaoning floodlight design culture to unify the lights, no rejection or devotion to something light expression, synchronization with the development of age and society, through the different light color technique for performance, the projection Angle, atmosphere, and to each region to distinguish it from other areas, in order to better lighting effects to the urban motif.

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If the lighting fixtures on both sides of the bridge are too high, the lighting radiation and set off effect are not obvious;If the lighting lamp position is too high, the lamp is easy to receive outside damage, safety risks and operation and maintenance costs increase.The installation position of lamps and lanterns is low, the construction and maintenance of professional led floodl ights are more difficult in the future, the cutting bridge is more affected by the lighting, and the distant view effect is poor.The guardrail is usually the place which needs the light to render, can show the entire overpass scenery, has the very big significance to the overpass overall display.There are two ways to use: one is to use a continuous line of lights outline the outline of the fence;Another kind of method of liaoning floodlight is every lie between a paragraph of distance to install a point-like illuminant, it can draw the outline that gives parapet already, can give a person lively sense again.When choosing point-like light source to do guardrail decoration, the light source used is generally LED light source.There are many kinds of light source, you can choose optical fiber, cold cathode tube, fluorescent tube or LED light source.When choosing linear illuminant to decorate guardrail on bridge, also can have a lot of expression form.For example, can use monochrome, can also use alternate colors, or through the computer controller, to achieve fixed flicker, random flicker, gradually alternating flicker, chase and other kinds of flow color change form, make the whole bridge area full of dynamic.

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