Why are the rgb flood light on the market so cheap?

174 Published by admin Feb 22,2019

First, let's look at the materials needed for the rgb flood light, the lamp beads, the outer casing, and the drive. This is the main material, and there are some other small accessories. Let's talk about the main materials first.

rgb flood light dmx dmx flood light

Light bulbs take 10W, the cheapest lamp on the market should be a few dollars, 10W lamp beads a few dollars, this is unthinkable, the quality is better than 20, if it is With brand-name lamp beads, it should be above 40, so we can analyze the lamp beads clearly. This is almost the same as the appearance of the lamps on the market, but the reason for the price difference is several times, then the outer casing.

The so-called market, there will be manufacturing, need a cheap shell, how to do the production of the shell manufacturers, change the material, change the thick bottom, on the high-power LED rgb flood light shell aluminum material, there are dozens of different aluminum materials, This is also the method for the shell manufacturer to reduce the cost of the shell, but the shell material has changed, will it be bad for heat dissipation? Will there be any impurities that harm the human body? This is also the reason for the difference in the price of finished LED rgb flood lights, and then the drive,

Driving power, constant current and constant voltage, making a fuss on the drive, is very convenient, many electronic components can be replaced, even if the same electronic components are high and low, the price is different, if all use low electronic components, As a whole, the cost is very low, the drive is cheap, and the finished floodlight can be cheaper.

RGB flood light 200w

There is another thing that makes me depressed. It is such a low price. I still say that the warranty is for several years. Take the 10W LED floodlight. The market price should be at least 20 dollars. I don’t think anyone will have any information. This kind of price is really unimaginable. How low is the cost pressure? It’s really not the bottom line. It’s coming.

Let me talk about how to guarantee, from the market to find the cheapest material, to make a finished LED floodlight, the price is even high, 30 dollars, in 30 dollars there are labor, lamp beads, drive, shell, factory profits, The loss is calculated so that the cost of being able to be divided into the lamp bead, the drive, and the casing is not much. The minimum of 5 dollars is calculated manually, the profit is calculated as the lowest 5 dollars, and the loss of 3 dollars is added, as well as the waterproof material of the power cord. Get up, then calculate 3 dollars, so that the lamp bead drive shell, it is only 14 dollars, can put the cost so low, really belongs to talent,

Some users also want to buy it and try to see how long it takes to use the bottom. Like such a low cost, it should not be able to talk about the light decay and how much life.

RGB flood light 200w

The replacement of floodlights as electric light sources has been recognized by more and more people and has been applied in many fields. Mainly used in billboards, highways, railway tunnels, bridges and culverts, squares, buildings and other places. So what is a rgb flood light? RGB Flood light is a point source that can be uniformly illuminated in all directions, its illumination range can be adjusted arbitrarily In the scene, it is represented by a regular octahedron. Floodlights are one of the most widely used sources in renderings, and standard floodlights are used to illuminate the entire scene. Multiple flood lights can be applied to the scene to produce better results.

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