outdoor rgb led flood lights engineering design needs to pay attention to two points?

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Outdoor rgb led flood lights are often used to make the building more distinctive. But rgb led flood lights should not ‘swallow up objects in the sea of lights’ outdoor rgb led flood lights should be able to visualize the rough 

outlines of different planes and components of an object by having more or less illumination or shadows in adjacent areas. In the meantime, the number, orientation and projection angle of outdoor rgb led flood lights are key issues.

rgb led flood light

1、Angle and direction of projection

Generally speaking, with the partition of a group of outdoor rgb led flood lights along the same direction to the target projection, or from two directions to contrast the color projection, can be enhanced three-dimensional sense. In order to see the shadow and rugged appearance, the lighting direction should be different from the survey direction, and the two directions should form a point of view of at least 45°.

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2、Projection spacing with brightness

At night, the visibility of the details of the building and sculpture depends primarily on the brightness, so the outdoor rgb led flood lights can be set up far apart or near apart, or exposed or shaded, depending on the need.Distant interval projection can improve the uniformity of brightness.Close - spaced projection emphasizes the details and texture of the surface of light.To whole receive illuminative face for, the uniform brightness of its upper part is 2~ when 4 times, can make investigator produces the feeling that brightness of fluctuation part is flat.

If we choose same kind of illume method to the huge build thing on both sides of city main road, so can give a person a kind insipid, even the sense of mechanical stagnation.So how do you deal with this?

outdoor rgb led flood lights

1、To take into account the building materials and light source combination, the building outdoor rgb led flood lights illumination illuminance is generally between 15~450lx, size depends on the surrounding lighting conditions and the reflection of the building materials;

2、The modelling that should consider building object and illuminant colour photograph are united in wedlock.According to the shape of the building can choose colorful lighting, in the building of the front and side of the building between a significant color contrast, increase a festive atmosphere;

3、The building is outdoor rgb led flood light with neon lighting.About the building is outdoor rgb led flood light alone is not good, but also can cooperate with neon lighting, in the lighting design of a building, the group building part can be decorated with neon lights, the main building can choose outdoor rgb led flood lights, according to the shape of the building choose neon lights, constitute a main type of lighting.Special construction can complement the
environment with special lighting effect.

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