How to make the bridge more beautiful with colour led flood lights?

386 Published by admin Aug 16,2019

Let the bridge show more beautiful at night, reflect the beauty of a lighting project, which is the responsibility of a colour led flood light design company.So what should we do in lighting engineering design?

一、Choosing efficient and energy-saving lighting equipment is an important basis

In the design of bridge lighting engineering, it is necessary to fully adopt the LED lighting equipment with high protection level, advanced and energy-saving efficiency, choose the LED lighting products with the best lighting distribution curve, and equip with the best light source (good color rendering, high luminous efficiency, long life, etc.).

colored led flood lights outdoor

二、Attach importance to the product quality of bridge lighting engineering

On the landscape lighting design of a bridge, to seriously consider good bridge lighting and decorative lighting of the selected lighting light source and LED lighting lighting, lamps and lanterns at the time of installation, to pay attention to the Angle and brightness of the LED lighting lighting lamps and lanterns, prevent the decorative lighting brightness, dry light over the driver's line of sight, good control produced by the glare of lamps and lanterns,  reduce light pollution, to ensure smooth vehicles driving, reduce the traffic accident rate in the night.

三、Bridge lighting project uses advanced remote control

Under the condition of ensuring visual conditions and satisfying the needs of the visual person, the time for turning on the light is usually shortened, and the lighting time is reasonably controlled; the advanced control energy-saving equipment ensures good visual conditions, improves the life of the LED lighting fixture, and saves Energy, improve the power factor of the line, and reduce the power loss of the power grid and lighting lines.

Whether bridge lighting engineering decorative lighting or functional lighting, architectural lighting design or electrical design and general road lighting design is different, because of the cable pipe buried could affect the stability of the bridge structure, and how thin deck as road lighting light pole anchor foundation is also a concern.

colored led flood lights outdoor

Especially for large bridge lighting projects, if the electrical pipes with several hundred kilowatts of power are provided, generally these channels are embedded into the interior of the bridge. If the bridge structure is not accurately calculated at the initial stage, it is not difficult to imagine what the results will be.And the lamp-post of 10 meters or so height wants to stand steadily on the bridge deck that has 2 meters or so thickness only commonly, also need to experience elaborate design perhaps.

Such as the bridge itself has gradually evolved from a passageway into a comprehensive work of art, the landscape lighting of the bridge needs to be considered from various aspects and must be reasonably combined.

Only in the early stage of the bridge lighting project, taking full account of the particularity of the bridge, combined with the general methods and principles of decorative lighting and road lighting design, can it be possible to design reasonable, safe and comfortable landscape lighting for the bridge.So, no matter how dark the night is, it cannot devour the excellent works of lighting designers. No matter how horrible the night is, the bridge lighting project in the night can still shine beautifully.

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