Affect the LED light power life performance 8 factors!

257 Published by admin May 15,2019

LED light power is a type of power supply that is a device that supplies power to an electronic device, also known as a power supply, which is the electrical energy needed to provide lighting power and provide all the components in the computer. LED light power is widely used in: street lights, ramp lights, LED floodlights,
LED indoor lights, LED ceiling lights, buildings, roads and bridges, square building facilities, lawn lights, curtain wall lights, mobile phones, computers, etc., information plane display: display boards, dynamic billboards, simulation animations, stadiums, lights in the cars and Internal reading light,
Brake lights, tail lights, turn signals, side lights, explosion-proof lamps outside the car, miner's lamps in mining production, etc.
LED chip and power supply are installed together, the general space is small, the heat strip is poor, how to ensure the quality and life of LED light power, we must start thinking before design, so as to avoid the LED light power quickly fail, it can be said that LED light power life Is restricting the development of LED
The essential. This is a comprehensive question that requires system design and consideration.
Ruichuan believes that the performance that affects the life of LED light power, including environmental characteristics, components and power to be acquired, has the following aspects:

LED light power

1. Impact of actual application environment: high humidity environment, high temperature environment, dusty environment, strong magnetic environment, vibration environment
2, the effect of lighting temperature environment: the internal temperature of the lighting is less than 65 degrees, the lighting enclosure is less than 75 degrees, the power supply temperature is less than 60 degrees
3. Impact of the power supply grid: The voltage input of the unstable power grid will impact the components of the LED light power, thus affecting the service life of the LED driver.
4, the impact of insulation and installation: the correct installation of the product and good insulation will enhance the application of LED light power.
5, the impact of electrolytic capacitors: the sealing part of the electrolytic capacitor will leak out of the vaporized electrolyte, this phenomenon will accelerate with the increase of temperature, it is generally believed that for every 10 °C rise in temperature, the leakage speed will increase to 2 times.
Therefore, it can be said that the electrolytic capacitor determines the life of the power supply unit. If you choose 105 degrees, the life of 10,000 hours of high-temperature electrolytic capacitors, according to the current electrolytic capacitor life estimate company "every 10 degrees,
The life expectancy is doubled, then it has a working life of 20,000 hours in a 95 degree environment and a working life of 40,000 hours in a 85 degree environment. The normal working life of the LED driving power source depends on the power source used.
The life of the electrolytic capacitor, the life of the electrolytic capacitor depends on the life of the capacitor itself and the operating temperature. The life of the capacitor at 65 ° C can only guarantee about 80,000 hours; the life of the capacitor at 75 ° C can only guarantee about
40,000 hours; the life of the capacitor at 85 °C can only guarantee about 20,000 hours; the life of the capacitor at 95 °C can only guarantee about 10,000 hours; from the above calculation: for every 10 °C rise in the temperature of the electrolytic capacitor, the life will be Halve.
6, choose a good inductor: the high current of the inductor and good heat dissipation is the key. The application of the integrated inductor of Ruichuan Lighting can solve these two problems well.
7. Influence of switching times: Most power supplies have a capacitor input type rectification circuit. When the power is turned on, a surge current will be generated, resulting in fatigue of the switch contacts, causing problems such as increased contact resistance and adsorption. Theoretically,
The number of times the switch is turned on and off is about 10,000 times during the life expectancy of the power supply.
8. Impact of inrush current protection resistor and thermal power resistor: In order to offset the inrush current generated when the power is supplied, the design of the power supply is usually used in parallel with the SCR and other components. High power peaks when power is turned on


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