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The outdoor basketball court, as one of the most popular sports venues, can be seen everywhere in the city's sports centers, cultural squares, residential areas, primary and secondary schools. In addition to being used as a first choice for physical exercise by boys, the modern basketball court has become the best place for children to entertain and play!

The following is an example of an outdoor basketball court as an example to introduce the lighting patterns and lighting methods of the general outdoor basketball court lighting scheme:
Outdoor open-air stadium lighting, the way the venue is installed differently is not the same. The standard is to determine the standard of lighting according to the function of the course, which is roughly divided into the following levels:
Training and entertainment activities illuminance 120-300lx;
Amateur competition 300-500lx;
Professional competition 500-800lx;
General tv broadcast ≥1000lx;
Large-scale international competition HDTV broadcast 1400lx, tv emergency 750lx.

Outdoor basketball court lighting program one:
Lighting method: pole lighting on both sides of the court;
Number of lights: 4 groups;
Each set configuration: 8m tapered steel pole + 2 150W LED flood light;
Single-sided double lamp spacing: 16 meters;
Average ground illumination of the stadium: 380 lux;
The program is primarily intended for general basketball courts such as general training and entertainment competitions such as community activity centers, factory basketball courts and communities.

Outdoor led floodlight

Outdoor basketball court lighting scheme 2:
Lighting method: pole lighting on both sides of the court;
Number of lamps: 4 groups;
Each set configuration: 8m tapered steel pole + 3 150W LED flood light;
Single-sided two-lamp spacing: 16 meters;
Average ground illumination of the stadium: 550 Lux;
This program is mainly applicable to: standard competition courses, toll courts, professional competition courses, etc.

150W LED flood light

The outdoor basketball stadium should adopt the following lighting methods:

(1) Four-corner arrangement: The luminaire is combined with the concentrated form and the light pole, and is arranged at the four corners of the competition venue.
(2) Mixed arrangement: the two sides are arranged in combination with the four-corner arrangement.
(3) Arrangement on both sides: The luminaires are combined with the light poles or the building horse tracks, and are arranged on both sides of the competition venue in the form of continuous light belts or clusters.

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