Ten questions and answers let you know about high-power led flood light

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1.What is a high-power led flood light?
A: A lighting fixture that uses high-power LEDs as a light source.

2.What is a high power LED?
A: The high-power LED is broadly said to be a single LED light source with a power greater than 0.35W (including 0.35W).

3.What are the advantages of high-power led flood light compared to traditional flood light?
Answer: 1. High luminous efficiency 2. High energy saving 3. High light color 4. High safety 5. Diversity of design shape 6. Long life 7. Fast response 8. Reasonable structure of lighting 9. Environmental protection, better environmental protection 10 High-tech. 11. Low operating cost 12. The color temperature does not change much, less than 100K, the color temperature consistency is good 13. The lumen maintenance rate is high, the light decay is slow, and the light decay is less than 10% after 5000 hours.

4.How to dissipate high-power led flood light?
Answer: The heat generated by the LED light source is transmitted to the heat sink by the heat pipe, and then the area of the heat sink is used for heat radiation heat dissipation and air air cooling.

high-power led flood light


5.What is the lumens of high-power LEDs at this stage?
A: The single high-power LEDs commonly used in the market are 60-70LM/W, and some foreign manufacturers have achieved 100LM/W or more.

6.What are the key factors affecting the service life of high-power led flood light?
Answer: 1. The service life of the switching power supply, 2. The light decay and heat dissipation structure of the LED light source itself, 3. The heat dissipation structure design of the entire high power LED lamp.

7.How long is the life of high-power led flood light?
Answer: According to the HATIZ theorem of LED, when the working temperature of LED is below 25°C, the service life is 100,000 hours, when the temperature is 25-50°C, the service life is 50,000 hours, and when the temperature is 50-75°C, the service life is 20,000. Hours, 75-100 °C, the service life is 10,000 hours, 100-125 ° C, the service life is 5,000 hours, 125-150 ° C, the service life is 2,000 hours. Therefore, affecting high-power LED lamps The key to the service life is whether it solves its heat dissipation problem well.

8.What kinds of heat dissipation methods are available for high-power led flood light?
Answer: 1. Thermal radiation, 2. Heat conduction, 3. Thermal convection 4. Natural air cooling.

300w led flood light

9.What kinds of power supply are there for high-power LED lamps?
Answer: 1. According to the working principle: 1. AC TO DC.2.AC TO DC , DC TO DC.3. Inverter power supply; 2. According to whether it is isolated: separate and non-isolated; 3. LED power supply according to driving mode : constant current and voltage regulator; 4, LED power supply according to circuit structure: (1) conventional transformer step-down (2) electronic transformer step-down (3) capacitor step-down. (4) resistance step-down (5) RCC step-down Switching power supply. (6) PWM controlled switching power supply.

10.What kinds of coupling methods are used in high-power LED lamps?
Answer: 1. Parallel, 2. Series. 3. Series and Parallel. 4. SIP Integration.

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