Super waterproof AT243F-M200rgb led flood light 200w

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AT243F-M200 rgb led flood light 200w front frame unique two-color injection molding process, the translucent surface and the front frame are integrally formed, which increases the combined strength and reduces the weight of the lamp body. The front frame and the casing are seamlessly bonded, so that the AT243F-M200 rgb led flood light 200w has a waterproof rating of IP65, which completely prevents the intrusion of foreign objects and dust, prevents the intrusion of the injected water, and prevents the intrusion of water from the nozzles from all directions. Damage caused by electrical appliances to prevent intrusion of water when immersed in water, electrical appliances immersed in water for a certain period of time or water pressure below a certain standard, to ensure that damage caused by water immersion. There is no fog in the lamp during the use of the powered lighting.

IP65 remote control 20 0w RGB Led flood light

Outdoor remote control 200w RGB Led flood light

Waterproof, dustproof and anti-vibration, wide voltage (170~265V/50~60Hz) wide temperature zone (-30°C~55°C), warranty three year.Applicable places: In addition to conventional indoor lighting and outdoor lighting, it can also be applied to mines, dust and vibration sites.

[Detection equipment] box type rain test cabinet / IP waterproof grade test cabinet

rgb led flood light 200w

Box type rain test cabinet / IP waterproof level test cabinet function:
The enclosure protection test for LED floodlights, street lamps, etc., can provide various environments for realistic simulation of electronic products and their components that may be subjected to water spray and spray tests during transportation and use. Waterproof performance.
Test indicators and standards:
The shell is sealed under various conditions such as rain, splashing water and water spray, and the waterproof performance is checked. The detection time is: 30 minutes.
After 30 minutes of spraying, the lamps are energized and lighted, and internal anhydrous steam is required to appear, otherwise it is considered unqualified.

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