LED flood light, LED mining light, LED projection light more energy saving

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China is a big producer and consumer of lighting products, accounting for about 13% of the total electricity consumption.With the progress of the society, people's awareness of energy saving is also getting higher and higher. LED energy-saving lamps are favored by the majority of consumers, including LED flood light, LED mining light, projection light, LED factory light and many other types.

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Compared with traditional lighting fixtures, they all have obvious advantages such as high safety factor, low calorific value, low power consumption, long life, good color display, quick response, no flash frequency, no eye damage, thin and short products.If the 1.4 billion incandescent lamps in use in China are all replaced with LED projection lamps, LED flood lights, LED mining lamps, LED factory lights and so on, 48 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity can be saved every year.

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Some experts said: as a strategic emerging industry competing to develop globally, LED has become a new engine to promote industrial transformation and upgrading, energy conservation and emission reduction in the era of crisis in China. With the continuous improvement of LED technology and the continuous decrease of cost, the application of LED projection light, LED flood light, LED mining light and LED factory light in the field of urban landscape lighting, decorative lighting and small size backlight has entered the mature stage.In the field of large size backlight, large screen display has entered the rapid development of the growth period;General lighting products will soon enter the rapid development of the growth period.

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In the current huge market prospects, businesses have poured into the Led energy-saving lamp market, strive to occupy a place, but also make the industry presents a mixed, good and bad coexistence of chaos, let consumers suffer. In this case, consumers have started to stay away from the brand, the target will be directly locked in the formal enterprise brand products, for a time, the domestic led lighting market brand brand hybrid.

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