Where are rgb flood lights used? Learn more

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The lamps and lanterns that applies to each domain now is various, rgb flood light is a kind in numerous lamps and lanterns type namely.What about rgb flood lights? Not a few first contact rgb flood light friend unavoidable do not understand, today small make up will give everybody introduction rgb flood light USES in what place and the relevant knowledge of a few other rgb flood lights.

200w rgb led flood light

Before we introduce where rgb flood lights are used, let's first understand what rgb flood lights are.rgb flood light is a kind of point illuminant actually, its can illuminate equably to all directions, its illuminate limits can adjust arbitrarily, basically be used at illuminative whole scene.The beam produced by omni is highly diffuse, with no aspect and no clear outline.

Where are rgb flood lights used - specifically

remote control outdoor flood lights are mainly used in ports, docks, tunnels, stadiums, architectural decorations, outdoor lighting, billboards and other places. Additional,rgb flood light still can be used in photographic studio, the illume effect that place rises also is quite ideal.

remote controlled outdoor flood light

What are the features of rgb flood lights

1, rgb flood light has a better electrical performance.Normally, the power of rgb flood light is taller, use constant current to undertake power supply, because of low harmonic current, the luminous flux that rgb flood light whole outputs consequently is relatively stable.

2. RGB floodlights are durable.Compare with other general lamps and lanterns, omni service life is in about 60 thousand hours above, life wants long much.

3, RGB floodlight has a strong environmental protection. What RGB flood light interior USES is solid state mercury agent, although break carelessly also won't cause pollution and destruction to the environment.Lamps and lanterns still can recycle reuse, omni environmental protection index is more.

4, RGB floodlights are more energy efficient.With the development of led technology, many manufacturers are now producing high-power led flood lights, which makes flood lights more economical and energy-saving.

5, flood light stable performance.Omni work efficiency is high, without phenomenon of flashover glare, won't bring stimulation to the eye ministry of the person, consequently illuminative environment also shows comfortable.

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