Ruichuan outdoor LED flood light without stroboscopic, soft light source

425 Published by admin Sep 26,2019

The concept of LED is not new, but there are few people who can really understand LED, especially LED flood lights used in integrated ceiling.However, qisi took the lead in the integrated ceiling industry to develop and produce outdoor 

LED floodlight series, and the outdoor LED flood light technology has been upgraded, greatly meeting the needs of the public consumer and the pursuit of healthy life.

outdoor rgb led flood lights

Common fluorescent lamp has the phenomenon of stroboscopic, looked much can cause stimulative effect to the eye, also affected the body health of people thereby;At present, the outdoor LED flood light widely used in the market, although it is very bright, but there are many defects such as uneven light distribution.

Due to the wide variety of LED lamps available in the market, consumers sometimes do not know which one to buy and have no idea about the lighting intensity, etc., which has also become a topic of great concern. The outdoor LED flood light mentioned on the market is mostly distributed design, although it looks very bright, but its light is very uneven, it can be said that its effect and a flashlight is no different;The LED lamp of jie neng star adopts concealed type design, the light source is distributed evenly, the light is very soft.

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Green health has been one of the most concerned topics, ruichuan outdoor LED flood light well realized the wishes of consumers.It is compared with ordinary fluorescent lamp, it does not have any stroboscopic effect, the light is downy, do not have harmful effect to people's body;For the outdoor LED flood light that people often says, it has apparent advantage again, include the design of concealed type, the illuminant of even distribution, the light that is close to natural light, these characteristics make live at home namely environmental protection is healthy.This product of character is bound to benefit the vast number of consumers, health, environmental protection, saving will no longer be a dream.

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