9 items to choose color led flood light

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1, the brightness of the brightness is different, the price is different. For luminaires, it should meet the laser class I standard.

2, anti-static ability anti-static ability, long life, and therefore high price. Generally, antistatic is greater than 700V for lighting.

3. The wavelengths are the same, the colors are the same. If the colors are the same, the price is high. It is difficult for manufacturers without spectrophotometers to produce pure color color led flood light products.

4.The leakage current is a unidirectional conductive illuminator. If there is a reverse current, it is called leakage, the leakage current is large, the life is short, and the price is low.

5. The illumination angle is different for different illumination angles. Special lighting angle, the price is higher. Such as full diffusing angle, the price is higher.

color led flood light

6. The key to different quality of life is life, and life is determined by light decay. Low light decay, long life, long life and color led flood light high price.

7. The illuminator of the wafer is a wafer, and the price of the wafer varies greatly. The chips in Japan and the United States are relatively expensive, and the prices of wafers in Taiwan and China are generally lower than those in Japan and the United States.

8. Wafer Size The size of the wafer is indicated by the side length. The quality of the large wafer is better than that of the small wafer. The price is proportional to the size of the wafer.

9, colloidal ordinary colloid is generally epoxy resin, plus the price of anti-ultraviolet and fire retardant is more expensive, high-quality outdoor lighting should be resistant to UV and fire. Each product will have different designs. Different designs are suitable for different purposes. The reliability design of lighting includes: electrical safety, fire safety, environmental safety, mechanical safety, health and safety, and safe use time. From the perspective of electrical safety, it should comply with relevant international and national standards.

Because it is a new product, China's national standards lag, but the country provides product qualification tests. Lightings with international safety certifications (such as GS, CE, UL, etc.) and national product quality certificates are expensive because they are reliable in safety design. Consumers are paying attention to the authenticity of the certificate. There are not many manufacturers with international safety certification and national product certification.

200w color led flood light

From the aspect of health, the price of products designed with non-toxic materials is high, especially for indoor lighting. Don't use cheap lighting with odor. At present, only a few manufacturers use non-toxic materials to produce, and the method of identification can be used directly. The nose has a much lower price than the odorless product. Toxins like lead, mercury, and cadmium require professional analysis. From the perspective of applicable environmental safety, there is a reliable dust-proof and moisture-proof design, and the price of materials for fireproofing, ultraviolet protection, and low-temperature cracking is high.

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