[colorful flood lights] How did the Empire State Building be lighted?

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102-story skyscraper;

The total construction area is 204,386 square meters;

Modern office building;

One of the must-have sites for visitors from all over the world to come to New York for a long journey;

(colorful flood lights)Changeable lighting or mashups or solid colors have different styles and meanings every day;

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The building, which has appeared frequently in various TV movie news, has already surpassed the boundaries of nationality and geography. There is no one in the world, no one knows it - the 87th anniversary (April 11, 1931) Construction completed) of the Empire State Building.

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If the unique exterior of the Empire State Building becomes an integral part of the New York skyline, then the unpredictable lighting at the top is something that New Yorkers will talk about – on days without any events or festivals. In the Empire State Building, there will be a white light called Signature White. The Empire State Building colorful flood lights are adjusted accordingly when there are festivals or major anniversaries.

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