Three factors that determine the price of amusement lighting

229 Published by admin Apr 11,2019

Many customers buy LED lamps, quality and energy saving effect is their biggest concern, amusement lighting are no exception! However, in the process of communication, after reaching a certain consensus, it will be tilted to the topic of the price of amusement lighting. What factors affect the price of amusement lighting? Xiao Bian: Mainly affected by the three aspects of the LED, power supply and casing of the amusement lighting. The so-called "A penny can only buy a penny of goods", so customers should also compare the quality of amusement lighting when comparing the price of amusement lighting.

Although you can save your purchase costs at the beginning of the purchase, you can choose a low-cost amusement lighting. However, when such a amusement lighting is used, various problems will occur and the maintenance cost will be greatly increased (is this what you want?). The quality is the primary consideration for the use of led industrial and amusement lighting. The following is a brief introduction to the three factors that affect the price of amusement lighting.

led amusement lighting

1, the heat sink shell

The heat-dissipating shell is well known. The heat dissipation is key factor of the high-quality and amusement lighting. The good heat dissipation shell material can heat dissipation the LED chip in time to avoid premature aging caused by long-term heating of the LED chip. The low-pricedamusement lighting, although the size specification looks high-end, actually reduces the cost on the heat-dissipating casing, such as the thinning of the outer casing or the shortening of the length of the rear-end radiator of the LED high-density lamp. The initial use of such amusement lighting may not cause any problems, but after one year, even if it is short-term, the heat sink will be greatly reduced due to dust and aging, and the LED chip will quickly age or burn.

2, LED chip

Some low-cost amusement lighting, using some irregularly packaged LED chips, wattage not tall, and prone to deterioration, poor heat dissipation, resulting in insufficient brightness of the whole lamp, chip seal is easy to break, chip aging speed and so on. It can be imagined that the life of the finished lamp is greatly reduced. Also affects the health of the eyes! The domestically-packaged LED light chips are blooming everywhere, resulting in the quality of LED chips. The good LED chip, which has good heat dissipation, has sufficient light lumens, and has high-tech packaging, so the chip can work for a long time and reduce the speed of aging.

3, LED power supply

High-quality amusement lighting, must have high quality power supply, can be constant voltage and corrosion resistance. Generally, LED high-quality amusement lighting on the market are mostly low-quality power supplies. It can be said that it is a ring, which can easily lead to unstable LED light and fast decay. In a short period of time, the light intensity is greatly reduced, and even worse, there are dangerous situations such as fires and explosions.
Experience tells us that the choice of amusement lighting, can not ignore the price and ignore the quality, chose a relatively inferioramusement lighting. If you have a relatively high customer demand for amusement lighting, remember to first understand and compare the amusement lighting chip, power supply, and heat sink. The use of amusement lighting involves both service life and maintenance costs.

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