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one A large entertainment venue has completed the renovation project for indoor lighting, which not only reduces energy consumption, but also minimizes the impact on the environment. By working with Lime Energy and Lighting Science, the traditional halogen lamps were replaced with led amusement lighting.

The entertainment venue (the company was not disclosed, secretly contracted with each company) installed Lightning Science's 8W and 13W SoL led amusement lighting in elevators, decorative areas and mission lighting areas, replacing approximately 3,500 50W and 90W Halogen lamp.

led amusement lighting

Lime Energy completed the installation of the test samples and worked closely with the facility staff at the casino to complete the final project; before deciding to choose LED products, several other different products were tried.

Stephanie Weis, a spokesperson for the project, said, “Because lighting is indispensable for entertainment venues, Lime Energy and Lighting Science work together to ensure reliability, cost efficiency and product quality, and these products are In line with the high standards of customers, "In addition, because LEDs need to work in entertainment venues for 7 hours a day, LED is the most valuable and intuitive return on investment. Finally, because entertainment venues are crowded with people during the day and night, For these guests, it must be guaranteed that led amusement lighting works normally."

The advantages of the new replacement LED lighting fixtures are as follows:

led amusement lighting


1. Reduce annual maintenance costs

·The service life is up to 50,000 hours - 25 times the life of the halogen lamp

· Reduce maintenance costs up to 11.4 years

· In the long run, the contingency budget is much less than the cost of replacement lamps, and maintenance personnel will be able to devote more time to dealing with urgent issues, such as: affecting customer comfort, lack of time to replace the bulb.

2. Reduce energy consumption

· Use less than 84% of energy to achieve the lighting needs

· Reduce energy use by 2 million kWh per year

· Estimated annual energy cost savings of $200,000

3. Environmental protection

· Mercury free, fully recyclable

· The emitted light is free of harmful ultraviolet or radiant heat

· It will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 900 tons per year, which is equivalent to reducing 150 cars on the road.

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