What are the skills of professional rgb flood light?

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Flood lighting

rgb flood light is a type of lighting that makes an outdoor target or site brighter than its surroundings. A method of lighting the exterior of a building. A method of illumination in which the illumination of a situation or object is
obviously higher than that of its surroundings, usually by means of a projector.rgb flood light is used for a variety of purposes. One is for safety or to continue working at night, such as car parks, freight yards, etc.The second is to
highlight statues, signs or buildings in the night.

Ancient rgb led flood light

rgb flood light requirements

1. The color and texture of materials in the details of the building facade can be clearly seen near, and the light and color of the building volume and facade can be clearly seen in the distance.

2. To master the characteristics of the building facade, illuminate it from several different angles, so as to produce a significant three-dimensional sense, especially the hierarchical effect of light and color.

3. The facade of the building should be highlighted so as to create a light and dark contrast with the surrounding environment and give full play to the background role of the surrounding environment.

rgb flood light

4. Understand the reflection ratio of building facade materials to light, and determine the required illumination on this basis.

It can be seen that it is very important to properly choose the light color, to master the characteristics of the building and architectural style, artistic conception, etc., find out the most striking features when different angles of
light, choose the facade with the highest viewing rate.

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