Smart light poles help, Finland wants to use 5G technology to create the world’s most intelligent road

227 Published by admin Apr 04,2019

According to foreign media reports, Finnish business people and the Incheon city government have a bold plan, they want to create a globally intelligent road.

According to reports, the road will use 5G technology, and its network will cover the extension of Route 51 between Siuntio and Karjaa in Inkoo municipality, which is 31 kilometers (about 19 miles). ), located 54 kilometers (about 34 miles) west of Helsinki on the south coast of Finland.

The Ink City Council will cooperate with Karis Telefon and Tammisaaren Energia.

In addition, Nokia will provide 5G technology for smart poles.

The smart road belongs to a link in the LuxTurrim5G project. Each smart light pole will be equipped with a network base station and an antenna, which can be used to create a 5G network. The smart road will be equipped with 620 smart light poles, which can only be connected in stages.

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Branch City mayor because of Robert Nyman stressed that the project is still in its "infancy (infancy)", has yet to develop a clear implementation plan, because the future is so worded that the final decision lies in the path of development the state government, rather than the city government.

Another reason is that the funds for the project are not yet in place. According to Nyman it is estimated that infrastructure costs only 2 million euros (US $ 2.26 million), of which a possible source of revenue comes from support Business Finland, the latter of intelligent mobile travel (Smart Mobility) can be transformed into transportation industry fund Provide a total funding of 50 million euros ($57 million).

If the project is approved, its digital main road will be able to use the C-V2X network installed in the smart light pole to implement the drive test of the self-driving vehicle.

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The technical department ensures that autonomous vehicles receive continuously updated information on road traffic flow and driving environment, while their in-vehicle communication systems and sensors can also be interconnected with other vehicles and basic vehicles (V2V and V2I), thereby enhancing the safety of each vehicle intelligent way.

The information and functions brought about by the C-V2X will undoubtedly improve the driving safety of human drivers.

For Route 51, to enhance the safety of road has far-reaching significance. As the main road west of Helsinki, which is listed as one of the highest accident density class Finnish road transport infrastructure Bureau (Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency).

The road is a recurring area of ​​moose collisions. 2012 - 2015, the annual average rate of 17 collisions, of which, together with traffic fatal accident. If 5G technology is introduced, large animals will be used to send warning information to the road to inform them of the risk of accidents in which the vehicle collides with the reindeer.

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