What are the precautions for Led light fixture installation?

444 Published by admin May 29,2019

1. The installation distance between the lamps and the lamps should not be too close. When the lamps are installed too densely, the temperature of the lamps will increase.

2. If the temperature of the Led light fixture is too high, the temperature rise of the ballast will exceed the allowable range, resulting in shortening of the life of the ballast and the bulb, burning and the cracking of the lamp holder or the interior space of the lamp.

3, Led light fixture temperature rise factor due to the size of the interior space of the lamp, the size of the lamp and lamp arrangement, as well as the impact of construction, materials, please refer to the following correct installation method:
Appropriate fixture installation intervals.
Increase the interior space of the luminaire.
A heat dissipation hole is arranged around the lamp body.
The ballast is set to another type.
The interior of the ceiling is well ventilated.

4. The Led light fixture should be installed in a location that avoids contact with flammable objects such as curtains.

Led light fixture

5. The upper temperature of gas appliances is very high, and the lamps should be kept at an appropriate distance from the heat source. For example, the installation position of the lamps and lamps should be more than 1 meter away from the heat source.

6. The installation direction of the rainproof luminaire has a specified direction and must be installed in accordance with the specified direction to prevent rainwater from entering.

7. When installing moisture-proof and rain-proof lamps, pay attention to the following points:

A. The rubber gasket on the mounting surface and the mounting part of the lamp must be tight.

B. If there is unevenness on the mounting surface, fill the circumference of the installation position of the lamp and install the lamp.

C. Pay attention to whether the appearance of the power lead-out line is immersed in water.

8. When the reinforced concrete surface device is used, it is necessary to wait until the concrete surface is dry before the luminaire can be installed. If the luminaire is not confirmed to be dry, the moisture of the concrete will be absorbed by the luminaire after the installation of the luminaire, resulting in lower insulation and lamp coating. The face falls off.

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