How to choose quality LED light?

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Zhongshan Ruichuan Lighting Co,. Ltd. is a led lighting manufacturer in China which was established on January 25th, 2005 . At present, we have two factories. Shenzhen headquarter, covering an area of 5000 square meters, mainly produces LED components and amusement LED bulbs. Zhongshan subsidiary factory, covering an area of 3000 square meters, mainly produces LED outdoor lighting and driver. we can perhaps these instructions we collected from a professional LED lighting web can help you!

First, the quality of led light beads : 

1. LED chips : brand LED chips commonly used are divided into three category, the quality of Japanese and American chips is good but much dearer, followed by Taiwan , the quality of China 's LED chips is relatively poor but cheap . The key to different quality of LED chip is lifespan, which is determined by the light fades .The smaller the light decay, the longer the lifespan, the dearer the price. Chip quality determines the brightness of the lamp beads and light fades . A good lamp bead is not only bright , but has small light fades.

2.The optical efficiency: for the lamp beads of same power, the higher luminous efficiency , the brighter the brightness. For the same illumination , the smaller the power consumption, the more energy-efficient,a number of lighting whose color temperature is consistent with each other is better .


Second, the drive power of led light:

LED light require configuration of high -quality, high-efficiency drive power. Drive power must be above 0.9 . those whose power factor below 0.6 are substandard products or shoddy products, which not only is short-lived , but the actual electricity consumption is about twice higher than the nominal, no saving effect . Meanwhile current harmonics is also great, the current is instable, which is unfavorable to the overall life of the lamp beads. The life of power directly affects the overall life of the lamp , the theoretical lifespan of LED light beads is ​​greater than 50,000 hours, and the life of power is in the 0.5 -3 million hours, it is impossible to ensure product quality and longevity for LED light which do not have a good drive power.

Third, the cooling conditions : 

1. radiator materials :the most of radiator materials currently used are generally aluminum,the best of which are aluminum inserted, extruded aluminum, followed by the worst is cast aluminum .

2. the radiator structure : the contact area between each of the aluminum housing and LED light beads and aluminum plate , the tightness of the assembly , etc. will directly affect the cooling effect of the LED chip and the conductive core temperature .

3. radiator area :the size of radiator area decides the cooling effect of LED lighting , if the lighting beads operate at high temperatures , light decay will be great and will shorten lamp life

Four safety standards :

There are part of safety standards of LED light have been introduced, please choose LED lighting in accordance with the safety standards prescribed by the state . Meanwhile ,A good quality LED must pay attention to the use of different environments and different technical requirements, such as moisture, dust and so on.

In short , a quality LED light need the perfect combination of high-quality ( chip ) lamp beads , power supply , good heat dissipation , meeting the safety standards! Only emphasized by either party can not be called a qualified product . To do this, the majority of consumers in the choice of LED light, several important aspects should be considered above in order to avoid economic losses.

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