What is flood lighting project?

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The term flood lighting is often used in writing, especially in contracts for lighting projects.So a lot of people are unfamiliar with floodlighting, don't understand what floodlighting includes, and don't know the difference between floodlighting and ordinary lighting.

Flood lighting project belongs to urban landscape lighting project or environmental lighting project.It is a way to make the outdoor target or site brighter than the surrounding environment, and it is a way to cast light on the outside of the building at night.As we usually say the city lighting project, lighting, landscape lighting and so on are the same, called a different.Refers to outdoor buildings, landscape lighting engineering projects.A slight difference is that urban lighting generally refers to large volume lighting projects, while floodlight lighting can refer to large volume or single building lighting projects.

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Flood lighting engineering application is very wide, flood lighting: highlight the characteristics of the building and the building theme, emphasize the beauty and texture of the building;Landscape floodlight lighting: make the trees more natural, make the water more dynamic, make the bonsai more pleasant, make the lawn more dynamic, make the landscape more comfortable;Urban flood lighting: make the city more modern, more outstanding image, more healthy light environment.

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There are no particularly strict evaluation standards for flood lighting engineering design, which are mainly measured according to the owner's and party a's perception, intuition and appreciation of lighting aesthetics.

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The installation of lamps and lanterns, illumination index, brightness, light uniformity, light distribution, light source type and other matters in floodlight lighting engineering are generally through and through in lighting design.Flood lighting lamps and lanterns installation need to study the scene of the lighting environment and the characteristics of flood lighting the installation height, number of lamps and lanterns, lighting power directly affect the flood lighting engineering cost, reasonable suit a point, in order to reach to the lighting project to practical considering the installation height and depth of lamps and lanterns, flood lighting lamps and lanterns is generally installed in the ground, wall or pillars, high bar and other places, at the same time to consider windage area and drag coefficient, to ensure the safety of flood lighting engineering.

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