Classification and design skills of 6 landscape rgb flood lights

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Buildings, courtyards, squares, block shops, gardens, roads and other forms the basic carrier of urban night lighting.Different carriers have different landscape lighting Settings and control modes.

1、Landscape rgb flood lights for tall buildings

Tall buildings are the symbol of a city and the focus of the city's night lighting.Through the analysis of the properties, characteristics and surrounding environment of the building, the lighting scheme is conceived and the expected effect is predicted.Usually for tall buildings, color floodlights with layered lighting can be used to show the appearance of the building.At the same time, some local lighting is set in the convex and concave parts of the building to strengthen the shadow, form a layer, improve the three-dimensional sense, so as to make the modeling more rich;Then through the modern lighting dimming, toning means, to create and building color color harmony, and achieve a distinct artistic effect.Especially the housetop of tall building is the most important that nightscape illume, want to pay attention to a design especially.The main lighting fixtures are: color flood lights, gurgle lights, LED combined light source lamps.

2、Ancient architecture landscape rgb flood light

Ancient architecture has profound cultural bottom rhyme, especially the top line of many ancient buildings is rich, bright, carved beams and painted beams, lifelike modeling.Is also night lighting, can not ignore the important content.Usually in the eaves above the layout of color flood lights, along the roof upward irradiation;Backlighting on beams or pillars;Set small power flood light in the inside of the window to form a light inside not very strong transmittance effect, in order to enhance the sense of mystery.

 rgb led flood light

3、Commercial block landscape rgb flood lights

Commercial blocks are the most colorful part of night lighting.Characteristics are particularly obvious: (1) bright, high illumination; (2) flexible, diversified lighting forms; (3) rich color; (4) scattered high and low,  dynamic combination, can melt light, sound, electricity as a whole; The decoration of lamps and lanterns is very strong.

colored led flood lights

4、Landscape rgb flood lights in the garden area

The garden scenic area mainly includes parks, residential area squares, street parks and so on.Artificial safety and destructiveness should be considered in the night lighting of these places, and the selection of lamps should be determined according to the surrounding environment modeling and artistic appreciation of architectural sketches.For the places with more trees, it is proposed to install embedded flood lights to not affect the growth of trees. For road lighting, it is advisable to set a certain height of lawn lights on the roadside green space and take into account the road lighting.

5、Waterscape rgb flood lights

Waterscape lighting is a kind of nightscape lighting which increases rapidly in recent years.As a result of the change of lighting, the fountain adds color, forming a dynamic light mapping with static, giving people a beautiful enjoyment.In the setting, the main consideration is to avoid glare in the water lamps;The effect of water depth on light reduction; Electrical safety,  optical fiber can be used to replace underwater lamps when conditions permit.

outdoor colored led flood lights

6、Festival lighting landscape rgb flood lights

Festival theme night lighting is a relatively temporary lighting, according to the characteristics of different festivals, to be different, different.Its setting principle is: the political festival night lighting should be given priority to by the warm environment atmosphere, highlighting the theme of light boxes, lighting slogans, public service advertisements with clear political significance lighting landscape, to show the brilliant achievements; Folk festival lighting should be lively, happy and peaceful, with multiple themes and techniques to present a rich and colorful festive atmosphere;Regional festivals generally have a fixed theme,  usually to the commercial street lighting.

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