What should be paid attention to in the flood lighting design of buildings?

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rgb led flood lights of buildings usually refers to the facade lighting of buildings. This kind of lighting can not only make buildings more beautiful at night, but also bring colors to the city.

colored led flood lights

The effect of building floodlight design, not only depends on floodlight and building surface material, but also depends on the designer's conception, experience, artistic background and appreciation ability.

When designing floodlights for buildings, some design principles must be followed:

1. Use as much light as possible to immerse the building in the light with little or no visual discomfort;

2. Use lighting to highlight the characteristics of buildings;

3. The distribution of shadow area on the building is as useful for the final effect as the distribution of lighting area.

In the design, we should first have a sense of the appearance of the building, understand the material used in the building facade.At the same time to understand the structure of the building facade, hierarchy, and then according to the characteristics of the building, draw the corresponding effect with the computer, consider the main and auxiliary light source color collocation, the integrity of floodlight lighting, choose the best effect.

Ancient rgb led flood light
When designing the floodlight illumination of the building, the installation requirement that should consider floodlight adequately, it can be installed on the ground, wall and iron column, also can be installed in a group on bracket.Installation accessories design should be considered perfect, the general provisions of the orientation of the main body of floodlight Angle error should not be greater than ±0.50, once the Angle orientation is determined, to
tightly fixed lock, even if the replacement of bulbs, electrical appliances, also cannot change it.

Building floodlight lighting design is the development direction of urban night environment in the future.

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