Colorful led flood lights, Give you a colorful life

224 Published by admin Nov 22,2018

Among all the elements that construct the night view of the city, the rgb flood light is the most widely used light source, because it can uniformly illuminate the object from a certain point in all directions, and the illumination range can be adjusted arbitrarily, often in the night illumination. The role of the finishing touch is also a luminaire that lighting designers like to see. This time we will introduce a outdoor colorful led flood lights with high luminous efficiency, long life and wide power selection. It is suitable for the LED flood lighting of buildings.

colorful led flood light with remote

Colorful led flood lights:

Streamlined design, beautiful and elegant, safe and durable, 180 degree adjustable bracket, thickened explosion-proof mask, good heat dissipation, low light decay, long life, wireless control.

Colorful led flood lights IP65

Colorful led flood lights:

  1. Pump convection heat dissipation technology, finned radiator structure, perfect solution to the heat dissipation problem of LED lamps.
  2. The fin structure is designed to help rain wash the surface dust.
  3. The bracket angle is adjustable and a variety of light distribution angles are available.
  4. Compared with traditional floodlights: RGB/RGBW discoloration can be done.
  5. The energy saving effect is remarkable, the service life is long, and it can be started instantly.

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