How to choose a led flood light manufacturer?

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The choice of flood light is very pay attention to quality, as usually in the face of large-scale activities to prepare equipment, especially a lot of times we need to be targeted measures lighting or light up during the night when will choose to use LED flood light, so for the quality and to meet the requirements of lighting effect will be clear, especially similar to outdoors or are in the process of the exhibition but also should guarantee the overall effect, and
quality assurance requirements of led flood light manufacturer should have proved that in terms of quality,Passed ISO9001 in domestic natural is the most reliable quality certification marks, but for the lamps and lanterns industry in addition to consider the product itself quality, for the whole lighting effect is also need to test, if the activity is not in conformity with the requirements and difficult application, from this we can see the difference of industry
made the request is relatively strict.

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In terms of led flood light manufacturer product testing at the same time, cannot separate with the individual parts damage under uncertain, because the yield of many products have problem, so if there is a single floodlight damage can ask manufacturer for replacement and there is no need to change supplier directly, because of this problem is widespread, mainly for the lighting effect and sustainable time for investigation can ensure the quality of the products accord with request, this is also one of the methods on the use effect of product,To be able to meet the most effective test procedures for new technology products, especially LED floodlight suppliers, on a variety of occasions.With this premise can ensure that the selected LED products in accordance with the use of specifications and effectiveness.

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