Yannuofei lights up the world’s largest “photo frame”, showing Dubai’s past and present style

513 Published by admin Jun 06,2019

Global lighting leader Yannuofei (Amsterdam Euronext: LIGHT) has announced that it has successfully illuminated the Dubai box in Dubai to provide dynamic lighting effects. Visitors can now take selfies in front of the world's largest "photo frame" about 150 meters high and 93 meters wide. With its surreal architectural structure and distinctive shape, the Dubai Frame has become the city's new landmark and best view point.

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Dubai is known for being the world's tallest skyscraper, the largest shopping centre and the longest unmanned subway system. The Dubai Frame is hailed as the world's largest “photo frame”, and its museums and visitor centres record Dubai's journey from a small fishing village that has made a living from the pearl collection industry to the most attractive and vibrant city in the world. Today, the Dubai frame has become a popular selfie background, appearing in the romantic photos of countless couples.


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Project details:
Yannuofei provides energy-efficient architectural LED lighting solutions for the frame of Dubai.
● 380 sets of Philips Color Kinetics (PCK) ColorBlast 12 Powercore Gen 4 Rgb flood light and 34 sets of Philips Color Kinetics (PCK) ColorReach Powercore LED floodlights illuminate the building facade of the Dubai frame, providing long distances to the exterior of the building The structure provides high quality lighting effects.

● 114 sets of Philips Color Kinetics (PCK) ColorGraze MX4 Powercore wall washers and 56 sets of Philips Color Kinetics (PCK) ColorGraze QLX Powercore wall washers outline the gold-plated border of the building.

● The project uses the Interact landmark IoT lighting platform for unified control.

● The construction period of the project is up to 6 months. The construction unit is Uniled Technology, a partner certified by Yanfeifei.

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