The application of rgb led flood lights in night lighting

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Nowadays, night lighting has gradually become a part of architectural language and plays a very important role in expressing architectural culture.

Night lighting can express the details of the building, express the essence, express the functional characteristics of the building, highlight the cultural characteristics of the building and add architectural charm.

However, the lighting design of buildings with different functions is different. If the facade of a building is illuminated from a certain distance, the whole building will appear to have no sense of layering when viewed from the main light direction.

led rgb flood light

The commonly used night lighting methods generally include flood lighting, outline lighting, key lighting, internal transmittance lighting, local lighting, mixed lighting, etc., among which flood lighting is one of the commonly used night lighting methods, and the number, position and projection Angle of its lamps are key issues.The following factors need to be taken into account when determining the position of the rgb led flood lights and the required amount and luminosity characteristics: surface quality and color, composition, viewpoint position, luminous distance of the object, lighting of the surrounding area and expected effect.

What is floodlighting

The so-called floodlight illumination, usually refers to: with the rgb led flood lights or downlight to illuminate a certain situation or target, and its illumination is obviously higher than the surrounding illumination way. Floodlighting is used for a variety of purposes. One is for safety or to continue working at night, such as parking lots and cargo yards.The second is to highlight the cultural characteristics of the building, add architectural charm,
such as buildings, statues and so on.

Rgb led flood lights
In general, building used in the illumination light color can be divided into white colour light, white light, including cold white light about 6000 k (such as daylight color fluorescent lamp and high pressure mercury lamp light), warm white light about 4000 k (e.g., metal halide lamp light), and 2000 ~ 3000 k of warm yellow light (such as incandescent lamp high pressure sodium lamp light), color luster including through the use of light color or color filter and hue
of the color of light.

Because all kinds of light color of the light is different, so when you need to color commonly used color filter, from the perspective of light will be reduced greatly, transparent color than is: amber color filter 0.4 ~ 0.6, the red filter light 0.15 ~ 0.2, the green color filter 0.05 ~ 0.1, the blue color piece of 0.03 ~ 0.05, considering the absorption, color filter to get with colored light illumination equal or the same adornment effect, is to increase the light
intensity of illumination accordingly.

Key points of rgb led flood lights technology
Floodlight illumination should not "drown in the ocean of lamplight", should show the object different plane and undulate outline, among them, the projective Angle of floodlight, projective distance, and direction are very important.

Angle of incidence

It is the shadows that bring out the ups and downs of the facade. Therefore, the illumination should always provide the surface image, and the light shooting towards the facade at the right Angle will not form shadows and make the surface appear flat.The shadow size depends on the undulation of the surface and the incident Angle of the light.The average lighting direction Angle should be 45°(see figure 1A).If the fluctuation is minimal, the Angle should be greater than 45°

Lighting direction
To make the surface lighting look balanced, all shadows should be cast in the same direction, and all fixtures that provide illumination to the surfaces in a projected area should be cast in the same direction.For example, if two lights aim symmetrically in the vertical direction of a surface, shadows will be reduced and confusion may occur.So you may not be able to see the surface fluctuations.However, large outliers can produce large, dense shadows, and in order to avoid damaging the integrity of the facade, it is recommended to provide weak lighting at an Angle of 90° from the main light to weaken the shadows

Visual direction
In order to see shadows and surface undulations, the lighting direction should be different from the observation direction, and the Angle of the two directions should be at least 45°.However, for monuments that can be seen from several places, it is not possible to strictly follow this rule, the main observation point should be chosen, and this observation direction should be given priority in lighting design.

Rgb led flood lights
In urban Settings, it is usually not possible to install floodlights in ideal locations.Preliminary studies based on lighting design should be adjusted on site to take into account physical limitations of the location and to achieve the most satisfactory solution, such as appearance under fluorescent lamps, glare, maintenance and adjustment of entrances, etc.

Scope of the beam

The beam width produced by a rgb led flood light may be larger or smaller, depending on the optical system and the position of the light source in the fixture.According to the convention, the light beam range of a rgb led flood light is determined by the light intensity direction which is equal to 50% of the light beam axial peak luminous intensity.The beam range of the circular symmetric floodlight remains unchanged on each surface. The beam range of the rectangular rgb led flood light is usually oval, which is determined by the two values of the corresponding two symmetric planes.
In some applications, the lamp beams used are asymmetric at peak intensity.In this case, the range of the beam is equal to the two half angles determined by the intensity of the 50% light. Distribution curve of light intensity.

rgb outdoor flood light

Because of the narrow beam range of many floodlights, the curves in the polar coordinates above are impossible to read or inaccurate.Generally speaking, if XY is used, where the vertical axis OY represents the illuminance and the horizontal axis OX represents the beam Angle (see figure 4).In most floodlights, the source of the transfer optical system will change the shape of the distribution curve (beam range, intensity, and symmetry).

Installation location and quantity of rgb led flood lights

According to the characteristics of the building itself, as far as possible to make rgb led flood lights from the building a certain distance set.In order to obtain a more uniform brightness, the ratio between the distance and the height of the building should not be less than 1/10.Be like what the condition restricts can install floodlight on building body directly, when the structural design of the elevation of some buildings abroad considered exterior to brighten need, have the installation stage that gives rgb led flood lights installation reservation specially, make installation sees the light after rgb led flood lights equipment does not see the light, maintain the integral sex of building elevation appearance thereby.

Rgb led flood lights principle

Want to apply floodlight illume, must choose light color reasonably, the color of light has emotional color, inharmonious light color collocation can make a person feel uncomfortable.
In addition, we also need to master the characteristics of buildings, architectural styles and artistic ideas, so as to find out the most eye-catching features when different angles are cast, and choose the facade with the highest viewing rate.

The general principles of rgb led flood lights are:
1. The material color and texture of the details of the building facade can be clearly seen at a close distance, and the light color of the building volume and facade can be clearly seen at a distance;
2. To master the characteristics of the building facade and illuminate it from several different angles, so as to produce a significant three-dimensional sense, especially the hierarchical effect of light and color;
3. The facade of the building should be highlighted so as to create a light and dark contrast with the surrounding environment and give full play to the foil role of the surrounding environment;
4. Understand the reflection ratio of building facade materials to light, and determine the required illumination on this basis.

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