The difference between point source, surface source and line source

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The Point light source is idealized as a Point light source. Point light sources are abstracted physical concepts in order to simplify the study of physical problems. Just like the smooth plane, the mass point, and the air resistance, the point light source does not exist in reality, and refers to a light source that uniformly emits light from a point to the surrounding space.

Point light source is a new type of decorative light, mainly used in building signs, KTV bars and other outdoor decoration.

LED point light source is a new type of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly decorative lamp. It adopts LED cold light source to illuminate. It has built-in microcomputer chip, which can be programmed and controlled at will. Multiple simultaneous changes. Monochrome change can also realize synchronous colorful gradient, jump, scan, and water light. Full color change effect and multiple led point light sources form a dot matrix screen. It can change various pictures, texts and animation effects. It is a supplement to the linear light source and floodlighting. The appearance is beautiful and can meet the design requirements of the dotted line surface of the building and other decoration. Led point light source uses aluminum base, heat dissipation, excellent waterproof performance, convenient installation, simple control, low voltage power supply, safe and reliable, noble appearance, is the building, bridge profile, hotel, billboard, curtain wall and night light lighting Ideal ornament.

point light source

The surface light source refers to the mode of light emission. Compared with the LED point light source and the ordinary light source, the existing surface light source such as a flat light source, the led surface light source has the characteristics of soft light, no eye injury, power saving, natural light and the like.

Led surface light source is in the initial stage of use, suitable for ceiling lamps, downlights, mining lamps, fluorescent lamps, bulbs and other lamps. Therefore, we will make the surface light source into a circle, a ring shape, a square shape, a long strip shape, a triangle shape, and the like. Long strips can be directly assembled into refrigerators, cabinets, bedsides, mirror lights, foot lights, etc. without the need for heat sinks

Line light source is the term of architectural lighting. It refers to a continuous lamp or luminaire. The total length of the illuminating strip is much larger than the distance between its illuminance calculation points and can be regarded as a line source.

Physical "line source": A point-like source of light that emits continuous visible light. If its light travels linearly in only one direction in space, the point of illumination is called a line source. The definition is only ideal. In reality, for example, the high beam, searchlight, laser pointer, etc., are scattered to the periphery, but they can all be used as line sources because of the length of their light in the air and the width of the beam. The ratio is large enough to be considered "line".

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