The difference between led rgb flood lights, spotlights, and lights

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一、led rgb flood lights

led rgb flood lights generally do not have a lens (except for floodlights), but use direct light from the light source and the light from the curved surface to make it have a directional structure, but also as a long-distance A led rgb flood light for lighting that condenses light from a direct source of light to emit light. This is a led rgb flood light. In addition, there is a wide range of lighting for lighting, and a separate luminaire designed to create a more effective soft light for the part of the stage, or to adjust the angle for uniform illumination of the surface.


led rgb flood lights have a light, soft and uniform light, and a color filter for other colors. led rgb flood lights for stage lighting are generally designed as a row of lights for large-area illumination. The partial effect lighting of the stage is a separate luminaire with adjustable angles. led rgb flood lights must have no spots or conspicuous spots on the edge of the stage within the scope of the stage lighting.



The spotlight is constructed such that the light beam emitted from the light source is concentrated to the front by the mirror, and the light is freely projected through the lens to the local range of the stage. The light passage and the projection angle of the light can be adjusted, and the adjustment method is a moving light source type and a moving method. Two types of lenses.

The spotlight is the basic luminaire for stage lighting. Its optical system is mainly composed of concave reflection and concentrating mirror. Its characteristics are: its light spot is bright in the middle, the edge is clear, its light projection range is narrower than the floodlight, and the light intensity can be adjusted in the light projection range. The adjustment is divided into two types: light source movement type and lens movement type, and the local illumination effect is obtained by adjusting the illuminance change of the light projection surface. The concentrator is generally used in surface light, slap, side light, column light, top light, etc., and is currently widely used in stage lighting.

(1)Soft spotlight

The soft spotlight of the emitted light is a lighting fixture with soft light and mood in the spotlight. Since Fresnel lens spotlights are commonly used.

(2)Plano-convex lens spotlight

The nature of the light is stronger than the soft light, and the outline is clear, but it is not the focused light like the contour spotlight. Because it is difficult to express it from the quality of the light, it is generally called a plano-convex spotlight according to its configuration. It has now become the main lighting fixture for stage lighting, and it is indispensable on the stage.

(3)Contour spotlight (styling spotlight)

The structure of the floodlights allows the light around the light-emitting surface to be intensely focused, and is a spotlight that can be used to track the performers. Unlike other spotlights, it has two lenses, and is also equipped with a light-cutting plate that changes the size of the light-emitting area and changes the shape of the light.

三、Effective lighting

Effective lighting is a lighting fixture that expresses the phenomenon of rain, snow, clouds, waves, and flames. It can also be used to illuminate the background of song and dance and drama. It is an important lighting method for the modern stage. The effect illuminator is different from the general slide projector. It is large in size, strong in brightness, and can be projected. It is a projection device for the stage.

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