What kind of lamps are better for the toll gates?

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The toll lift high-bar lights are equipped with manual and electric lifting control modes, so that the lamp panel can be safely and reliably lowered to 2.5 meters from the ground for convenient maintenance. The length of the manual remote control lead wire is 10 meters, and the operator can control the lift of the light panel at 5 meters to ensure the personal safety of the operator. The lift-type high pole light is also equipped with a spare cable. When the light panel is lowered to the low position, one end of the cable is inserted into the socket of the electrical control system, and the other end is inserted into the junction box on the lamp panel, so that the lamp panel can be directly powered. , repair the lamps.

Toll station lift high pole lights All lamps are sealed to IP65 international standard to prevent dust and rain from immersing and to ensure the service life of the bulb. The material of the luminaire is generally made of aluminum alloy plate and stainless steel with good corrosion resistance.

The high-bar lights that we usually say are actually very different depending on the application. The classification and name of the high-bar lights are different according to different occasions. For example, the dock used, called the pier high pole lights, used in the square, called the square high pole lights, named after the port high pole lights, airport high pole lights, explosion-proof high pole lights, stainless steel high pole lights and so on. It is generally believed that more than 15 meters of street light poles are called high pole lights, ranging from 15-40 meters. The commonly used five types of specifications are 15 meters, 18 meters, 20 meters, 25 meters and 30 meters. Others are generally required by the customer to design a specific height, which is what we often say is the high pole light divided by height.

The toll booth high pole light is a type of high pole light with a conventional high pole light in terms of illumination level and height.

In the structural design, the lamp panel and the lamp pole of the stadium high pole lamp are mostly integrated, because the weight of the lamp panel of the high pole lamp is unevenly distributed, unlike the common square high pole lamp, the 360° round lamp is used. plate. The luminaires of the square high pole lights are all mounted on one surface, which means that all the weights are concentrated at one point, resulting in the weight of the entire lamp panel being unbalanced. This is also the main reason why the stadium high pole lights are rarely designed as lifting structures. 

Since it cannot be designed as a lifting structure, the way to solve the luminaire problem is to design a full-length ladder. Because the luminaire will inevitably have problems during use, if there is no ladder lamp and can not be lifted, the cost of repairing once can be very high.

High-bar lights usually use high-pressure sodium lamps or metal halide lamps as the main light source. There are two reasons for choosing this type of lamp. First of all, people who know the lamps know that high-pressure sodium lamp flood lights have the characteristics of high brightness and wide viewing angle. Secondly, the profit problem of the merchants, 80% of the "Yaming" and "Philips" floodlights sold in the market are counterfeit goods, and the merchants can really obtain a considerable profit from the fake.

In fact, in terms of illumination brightness and illumination area, rgb LED flood lights or LED downlights can fully meet the lighting requirements of high pole lights. There are two main reasons why they are not widely used in high pole lights: (1) Price (2) I don't understand.

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