Color changing flood lights in the process of using what matters need attention?

4,913 Published by Funfairled Oct 15,2019

Color changing flood light is mainly used in outdoor, the brightness of LFM is higher and it has a certain waterproof performance, but for a lot of people do not know how to use this kind of luminous lamp, I believe that you will know what to pay attention to after reading this article.

Color changing flood light is in use when, look at the board that is next to lamps and lanterns to have a scale after all, do not think so the board that has a scale does not have any effect, this board is used to adjust the Angle problem of illuminate light just.If not, there is no way to change the lighting according to the needs.

color changing flood lights

RGB LED lood light still should when choosing, consider the range that oneself place wants to use.The backside switch mode of lamplight USES whether simple, cannot a few switch more complex mode, open when more troublesome, wasted more time.The chromatic omni that sells on the market now has two kinds of different form, one is not symmetrical wide horn system, another kind is the included Angle system of symmetry.Consumers should choose the right system for their own use.

Color changing flood light maintain and cleanness problem, want to let the service fixed number of year of lamps and lanterns more normal, in the process that use, the brightness of lamps and lanterns is changeful, the maintenance that should notice lamps and lanterns and maintenances work.Fixed time should wipe the dirt of the surface or dirty thing, go looking regularly even the structure inside flood light has abnormal, lamp tube has appeared frequent flicker or the phenomenon that is black shadow.

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