Ruichuan teach you how to choose a suitable led rgb flood light

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With a limited budget, it's not uncommon to choose a cheaper product.In fact, we should choose more cost-effective, appropriate products, such as: choose led rgb flood light.Today, ruichuan lighting will teach you how to choose the right led rgb flood light.

1. The need for seeking truth from facts

Everything is practical and realistic, choose the right led rgb flood light is the same.The first thing that comes to mind is the lighting demand. The lighting demand cannot meet the requirements.Secondly, led rgb flood light is generally used in the outdoor, so we will consider whether the lamps and lanterns need waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof and other requirements.If it is for budget reasons, purchase cheaper led flood lights.Then, we will be ready to face the quality of lamps and lanterns, which will undoubtedly greatly increase the customer friends unnecessary time and cost.

rgb led flood lights outdoor

2. Appropriate power, illumination and color temperature

A lot of customer friend, to these professional problem are not quite understanding, often need to consult manufacturer.The specific power is determined by the actual lighting area of the plant. High wattage will generate high electricity cost, while low power will not meet the lighting demand.Of course, this need not worry, ruichuan lighting according to your actual needs to recommend suitable led flood lights to you;The illuminance of additional lamps and lanterns, the condition such as color temperature is very important also, these, ruichuan illume can recommend appropriate led flood light to offer you choose and buy according to the actual situation of customer friend.

rgb outdoor flood light

3, choose cost-effective led floodlights

Previously, we said that some customers would purchase led rgb flood lights at a lower price because of limited budget.In fact, this kind of behavior is waiting for no reward.The reason they are cheap is probably because they cut corners to keep costs down.Such lamps are prone to quality problems in the use of later stage, which will increase the maintenance cost in later stage. The worst of them may lead to customers' second purchase, and their safety cannot be guaranteed.Therefore, in how to choose a suitable led floodlight, to choose has passed the explosion-proof certification and product quality system certification.

rgb led flood light

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